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Best Online Casino Games Category to Try in India

This is a look at the best online casino games category that one can experience when they sign up with an online casino.

Best Online Casino Games Category to Try in India

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Updated: 2022-02-10T10:25:05+05:30

The gaming choices available for an online casino user in 2022 is tremendous. The pandemic has placed more emphasis on playing online rather than visiting a physical destination. This has led to a proliferation of interest in online casino games and the developers have responded with more varieties and features in their titles than ever before.

Top Online Casino Games in 2022

There are some key gaming categories that have to be experienced at an online casino before moving on to anything else. The top online casino games to try out would be:


The slots are undoubtedly the most popular section at any online casino. This category has also witnessed some of the most incredible growth in terms of features and graphics over the last decade. Due to the high RTP figures provided by these games, they can be a great source of entertainment and some decent wins. One can spend a good amount of time in the slots category without burning a huge hole in the budget, as these games can be designed with varying bet sizes per spin.

A new trend that has emerged in recent years would be the additional feature called a bonus game. These are special games that are available within a slot title and they are activated only when certain conditions are met. These bonus games can have the potential to bring huge rewards with very minimal bet sizes. Due to the overwhelming popularity of these games, many developers have also started bringing in attractive graphics to the plate as a standard rather than a luxury.


The table games may sound quite complex for someone who is new to the world of online casinos, but roulette happens to be a title that perfectly fits into the category of easiest and best online casino games in India and abroad. The rules of the game are very simple and the player does not give up too much of an edge to the casino. The roulette game comprises a spinning wheel with various numbers and colours from black to red. The player has the freedom of being able to go with any type of bet. They can back a specific number, even or odd combination, colours, and more. In recent years, many variations of roulette have cropped up and lived dealer games are also available on this game.


Blackjack is a game that involves many strategies and it can be quite an intriguing experience to enjoy these casino games online. This game starts off with a free hand placing a bet. Every hand will also receive two cards that they have to either stand or hit. One can also go with a double down or split approach depending on the score. The player with the highest score wins. Just like roulette, there are many variations of blackjack in the standard format. The online casinos have also started providing blackjack games in the live dealer section as well.


Among the many best online casino games in India, the baccarat might seem more daunting than others. This is due to the sheer volume of options that are available with regards to the wager on this game. For someone new to these titles, there are smaller versions of the baccarat game that can be a good entry point for becoming familiar with the title. Experienced users can certainly go for the live dealer versions of baccarat.

Scratch Cards

There are many online casinos that provide lotteries in small numbers, but one of the best alternatives to those real-life lotteries would be scratch cards. The player only has to scratch off the strips to reveal their wins. It is an extremely easy way to get introduced into the world of online casinos but the success ratio that a player might enjoy on these games are not as high as strategy titles like blackjack, where a certain degree of skill also comes into play.

Video Poker

The video poker titles are meant to incorporate five hands and the players will be focusing on the cards that they want to keep or discard. There is a little amount of strategy involved in this game, as it is more about managing the risk and staying in the mix until the end. At the same time, one can also change the nature of this game by deciding to gamble and it also has the potential to bring out plenty of entertainment in the form of rewards. Video poker is one gaming category that manages to witness a huge build-up in interest from developers and players alike. In accordance with this interest, gamers also get to enjoy plenty of variations in the live dealer or digital formats.


The volume of online casino games found in India is traditionally focused on slots and table games. If you dig deeper, it is possible to come across gambling platforms that also provide keno, which is a lottery style game that can be very interesting. The player will enter into the game by choosing numbers, which are often limited to 20. Once they have picked the number, they need to submit a card. Once the machine goes through the winning numbers, the outcome is revealed. Keno happens to be a fun game to play in any scenario.

There is no single title that can be termed as the best online casino game in India. Due to the availability of many options, it is important that users are flexible when they sign up with an online casino. The developers have come a long way in recent years to provide the kind of titles that are able to exceed expectations in terms of graphics, quality of features, bonus games, and more. It is difficult to go wrong with any of these gaming choices when providers like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt are behind the scenes.

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