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Labelled guilty by the Federation, Prasanta Karmakar recounts his side of the story

Over the last ten days, swimming featured heavily in our lives. Asia's best swimmers made their way to Jakarta to compete in the 18th...

The dark side of Indian Taekwondo

On July 26, 2018, the Delhi High Court came out with a definitive response to a very long and drawn out saga that chronicled...

The curious case of Indian Volleyball and the Federation which runs it

Volleyball has gained quite a lot of ground in India as a regional sport, particularly dominating the Southern part of the country as one...
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How BCCI was reduced to tatters bit by bit

Nostalgia has a unique trait of glorifying the bygone. It varnishes over all the irregularities that are associated with the follies of the past....

Dahi Handi: The balancing act of Sports, Religion and Politics

This article first appeared on KhelAdhikar written by Rishika Mendiratta, Founder and Managing Editor at KhelAdhikar. She can be reached at ----- “May you live...

India closer to egalitarian play: A look at women in sports

This article first appeared on KhelAdhikar, written by Wilfred Synrem, the Chief Editor at KhelAdhikar (3rd Year Student at Gujarat National Law University). He...

Para Sports

India’s indomitable wheelchair tennis players

A rasping forehand down-the-line shot lands on the line for a winner, and the sparse crowd responds with a warm round of applause. The...

Manasi Joshi wins gold after airline misplaces prosthetics ahead of tournament

It takes a special kind of bold to sit up and fight back when all circumstances seem to be resolutely stacked against you. At...

A look back at the Asian Para Games and the positives...

Training, Surrounding, Support Staff, Competition, Performance The Indian para-athletes were eventually closing on all the factors. Slowly and steadily things were falling in place. The Indonesia 2018...

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