Monday, September 28, 2020
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Protein is an important nutrient as part of a balanced diet. So here is a protein rich snack that is sure to help you keep fit.

Eating Fit – Protein Kick

A portmanteau of powerlifting and bodybuilding, powerbuilding is a training style that can help you with strength and aesthetics, providing the complete package for most fitness goals.

Powerbuilding – A fusion of strength and aesthetics

Narendra Modi with Virat Kohli

“Our fitness level is still low compared to other...

Finding workout music is easy but finding the right song for every workout might be a difficult challenge. So here are 8 songs that are tailored to every workout. (Source: Zymrat)

The Perfect Song for Every Workout

IPL Betting Sites

TEC Pro League

The Esports Club launches TEC Pro League for Tom...

The Dell Gaming TEC Pro League

The Esports Club launches a 5-month Pro League for...

Source: PUBG Mobile

Return of PUBG mobile to India