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Manu Bhaker, Anish Bhanwala shine in Olympics selection trials 1

Bhaker's remarkable victory not only secured her the top position in the women's category but also saw her surpassing the world record score by an impressive six points during the qualification round.

Manu Bhaker, Anish Bhanwala shine in Olympics selection trials 1

Manu Bhaker ended Olympic selection trials for the 25m pistol event at the top of the ladder after winning the final trials. 


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 21 April 2024 5:40 AM GMT

Manu Bhaker won the women's 25-meter pistol Olympics Selection Trials (OST) 1 held at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range. With a stunning final score of 47 out of 50, Bhaker not only clinched the top position but also set a new standard in the sport.

The competition, featuring five talented shooter, witnessed Bhaker's dominance from the onset. Her exceptional performance in the qualification round saw her eclipse the world record score by a remarkable six points, setting the stage for her triumph in the finals.

Bhaker's consistency and focus were evident throughout the tournament. In the final rounds, her scores in the 10 series of five rapid-fire shots showcased her exceptional skill, with a remarkable sequence of 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5, 5, and 5.

Despite fierce competition from her peers, Bhaker maintained a significant lead, with Rhythm Sangwan and Abhidnya Patil trailing behind. Esha Singh, although eliminated earlier in the competition, secured a leading position in the qualification round, highlighting the depth of talent in the field.

In the men's category, Anish Bhanwala asserted his dominance in the 25m rapid-fire pistol event, finishing with an impressive score of 33 hits. Vijayveer Sidhu and Adarsh Singh secured the second and third positions, respectively, showcasing their prowess in the sport.

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