Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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From the grassroots

EXCLUSIVE: Sikkim Unicorn Football Club gives new lease of life to former drug addicts

From humble beginnings to emerging as champions in B and C divisions of Sikkim's football league, the Unicorn FC had a fairytale run to the top-tier league.

Sporthood: Achieving fitness through sports in the quest of leading an active lifestyle

Sporthood was formed nearly five years ago but now boasts of having 14 sports clubs in Bangalore and 5 in Kochi with at least two new clubs scheduled to open in September.
Image source: Google / Shutterstock

Sportseed: A community sowing seeds to nurture Olympic spirit among children

In an era where children are no longer enamored by the idea of playing games that do not take place via the media of virtual technology, organisations like Sportseed are working towards promoting an atmosphere for Olympic sports and providing counsel and designing custom sports programs that can be implemented in schools.

What is the next step forward for Indian football?

Indian football (Source:AIFF)
Like cricket, football too was introduced in India by the British, but it never gained as much popularity as cricket. Earlier just played among the soldiers serving in the British army, it slowly got acceptance with the general public. In independent India, football was...