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T10 Sports Collaborates with Schools to Empower Young Athletes at the Grassroots

T10 sports collaborates with school like Jaipuria School and Neev School to empower young athletes, academically, socially and physically

T10 Sports Collaborates with Schools to Empower Young Athletes at the Grassroots

Sukanya Adhikary

Updated: 13 May 2024 5:49 AM GMT

Sports play an important role in shaping children in various aspects of their lives. Besides staying active, it contributes to the holistic development of a child, which encompasses mental, physical, and social aspects. It offers learning experiences that can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

T10 Sports is leading a movement that empowers the athletes of tomorrow through school-sports partnerships. In a world where academics frequently take preference over sports, they have pledged to foster a culture of healthy living and sportsmanship that reaches beyond professional arenas, therefore developing sporting talent at grassroots levels.

School Sports

An increasing number of schools around the world are recognizing the profound benefits of sports in a child's education. The Sehwag International School, synonymous of “Virender Sehwag” boasts of an ICC standard cricket ground. Their academy offers a rigorous and challenging sports program with all the best-in-sports training and facilities for athletics, basketball, badminton, equestrian and many more. Fortune World School, Delhi Public School, GD Goenka Public School and Pacific World School among many other schools have followed suit and are trying to foster a healthy environment for children. Moreover, schools are actively encouraging student participation in inter-school sports competitions and tournaments. These events not only promote school spirit and pride but also foster healthy rivalries and camaraderie among students. Whether it's competing in local leagues or representing their school at regional championships, students learn invaluable lessons in resilience, determination, and grace under pressure.

Fostering inclusion and harmony

Grassroots sports also play an important role in promoting social inclusion and community harmony. Sports, regardless of background or skill, can unite people, break down barriers, and develop friendships. Sports in schools allow kids to interact, collaborate, and appreciate each other's accomplishments. This sense of belonging and camaraderie fosters a healthy school culture and contributes to a supportive atmosphere in which all children can succeed.

It is important to provide children with the necessary equipment before they start playing a sport. Appealing jerseys and other sportswear go a step further in developing their interest for the game. And that is where T10 Sports comes into the picture.

T10 Sports is actively shaping the future of sports by collaborating with schools like Jaipuria School, Neev School, and many others. However, their commitment goes beyond just supplying sporting apparel. They provide young athletes with the resources they need to thrive. At Neev School, teamwork goes beyond the field of play; it extends to their classrooms. At Jaipuria School, T10 Sports is sparking students' interest in sports through a variety of initiatives, such as inter-school competitions and coaching sessions with experts. These collaborations aim to shape students with a passion for sports into well-rounded individuals for life.

Sports-driven transformation

T10 Sports’ partnership seeks to empower athletes academically, socially, and physically as well. Since academic success goes hand-in-hand with sports, it helps with better focus, and health, allowing individuals to learn practical skills such as time management, discipline, and teamwork.

T10 Sports aims to create a society in which children can prosper in sports. Athletes who receive academic, social, and physical encouragement not only develop into outstanding athletes but also become tomorrow's leaders and champions. These young athletes will one day stand proudly among the elite competitors at the Olympic Games. T10 Sports is striving to create a platform so that every young star has the opportunity to succeed both on and off the pitch. Beyond individual schools, it is fostering a ripple effect that impacts every child. Through its visionary partnerships with schools, T10 Sports is playing a pivotal role in promoting sports culture and creating opportunities for every child to thrive.

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