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EPL on a mission in shaping future sports stars as India's Largest Intra-School Youth Sports League

Discover the EduSports Partner League (EPL) by Sportz Village, India's leading youth sports initiative. This article explores EPL's vision, its distinctive features, its nationwide presence, and the profound impact it has on budding athletes.

EPL on a mission in shaping future sports stars as Indias Largest Intra-School Youth Sports League

EduSports Partner League partnered with Sportz Village


Deepa Ramasubramanian

Published: 22 Nov 2023 5:46 AM GMT

In a groundbreaking initiative, Sportz Village has started with the EduSports Partner League (EPL), a revolutionary sporting event that kicked off on September 30, 2023. Going beyond the conventional league format, EPL is a dynamic platform designed to ignite the passion for sports among over 2 million students across 500+ partner schools.

EPL holds a profound vision – to provide a professional platform for students, translating acquired skills into practical match-play scenarios. More than a competition, it's a talent identification platform offering students the chance to showcase their abilities, potentially leading to school team selections.

What sets EPL apart is its inclusive intra-school model, ensuring every student, from 3rd to 10th grade, has the opportunity to participate. Hosted within school premises, EPL addresses logistical and safety concerns, providing parents with peace of mind. Winners are awarded distinctive green medals crafted from recycled plastic waste, championing environmental consciousness.

Embracing digitization, EPL introduces the Student-Athlete Hub, streamlining the entire experience from registration to scheduling. Through a partnership with Sport Vot, matches are not only live-streamed but also recorded, intensifying excitement and engagement.

Collaborations with India Khelo Football and other esteemed academies bring top-tier scouting practices to schools, systematically identifying and nurturing high-potential talent. The league encompasses six categories for boys and two for girls, reflecting a diverse range of sports including Football, Basketball, Kho-Kho, and Throwball.

EPL unfolds across three cities – Bangalore, Kurukshetra, and Chennai. It spans six categories for boys (3rd Grade, 4th & 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th & 9th Grade, 10th Grade) and two for girls (3rd, 4th & 5th Grade, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Grade). A total of 21 teams, involving 137 participants, showcase the league's nationwide impact.

Mother Teresa Public School, Kurukshetra, and Christ International School were involved in the league. From skill development to instilling values of collaboration and sportsmanship, EPL has become a catalyst for growth and development from the very foundation.

"At Mother Teresa School, the PathwayZ EPL Program has sparked a remarkable transformation in both our students and the school community. This football tournament, involving 137 students across 21 teams ranging from class 3 to 10, became a motivation for growth and development. The program has offered our students a stage to display their football skills. It has delivered numerous invaluable benefits to our school such as Skill Development, through intensive training and competitive matches, students have gained access to top-notch coaching, enabling them to reach their full potential in the sport." said the Principal of Mother Teressa Public School, Kurukshetra.

"We had 88 students across 12 teams ranging from class 3 to 9 involved in EPL this time. EPL has instilled values of collaboration, unity, and sportsmanship. Students have learned to work together, support one another, and celebrate victories as a team. The students have embraced regular practice, time management, and perseverance, skills that have positively impacted their academic lives. In general, the EduSports program had Increased physical activity has not only enhanced their football skills but also their overall well-being, fostering a healthier and more energetic school environment." said the Principal of Christ International School, Bangalore.

As EPL continues its transformative journey, the league is set to conclude in January 2024. The grand culmination will take the form of an inter-school city-level competition, offering selected students the opportunity to represent their schools on a broader stage.

EPL stands as a transformative initiative with the power to shape the future of sports in India. By providing an inclusive, secure, and eco-conscious platform, it ensures that the potential of every child, regardless of their background, is recognized and nurtured. With the integration of digitization, live streaming, and strategic partnerships, EPL offers an unparalleled sporting experience, propelling Indian youth towards sporting excellence.

As EPL unfolds, it promises to uncover a new generation of sporting stars, emerging from the very heart of our schools. The league is currently underway, with successful completion in the mentioned schools, and it is set to conclude in January.

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