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Pro Kabaddi League | All-Time Stats & Rankings

Check out the list of PKL's Career Leaders, Stats, Records and Rankings

VIVO Pro Kabaddi League, PKL, All Time Stats

Pro Kabaddi League (Source: Republic World)        


Gayathri Venkatraman

Updated: 5 Dec 2022 12:16 PM GMT

The Pro Kabaddi League, abbreviated to PKL, is an Indian men's professional Kabaddi league that was launched in 2014. The popularity of kabaddi at the 2006 Asian Games inspired the league's inception.

It caught the attention of rural and metropolitan viewers alike, given that the sport is practiced in every nook and cranny of our country at the grassroot level. It follows the regular double-round-robin format from the 2019 season. Let us take a look at the all-time stats and certain stars of the league:

Successful Raids:

The Pro Kabaddi League would be incomplete without the "dubki king," Pradeep Narwal. He tops five out of the 11 all-time stat tables and is the league's leading raider in both numbers and points, and holds the record for most Super 10s too.

He was the first to cross the 1,000-point milestone in the league during Season 7 of the PKL. The Haryana based raider has appeared regularly for the Indian Kabaddi team in international tournaments since 2016, and is an integral member of the same.

The Dubki King in action

S.NoNameMatches PlayedSuccessful Raids
1Pardeep Narwal (Raider)1501165
2Maninder Singh (Raider)121947
3Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)148842
4Deepak Hooda (All-Rounder)157835
5Pawan Sehrawat (Raider)105765
6Naveen Kumar (Raider)82761
7Ajay Thakur (Raider)120643
8Sachin (Raider)104631
9Rohit Kumar (Raider)101559
10Vikash Kandola (Raider)96559

Raid Points:

Another name echoes in the record books right after Pradeep Narwal. The Punjab based Maninder Singh stands second table-wise despite his 3-year absence from the league.

His statistics speak for themselves: a dream start to the PKL as the best raider on the inaugural champion team, the Jaipur Pink Panthers, the fastest raider to 500 points, and numerous other records to his name. He proved his mettle again by leading the Bengal Warriors to their maiden title during Season 7 of the PKL.

Maninder Singh playing for the Bengal Warriors

S.No.NameMatches PlayedRaid Points
1Pardeep Narwal (Raider)1501546
2Maninder Singh (Raider)1211213
3Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)1481024
4Deepak Hooda (All-Rounder)1571020
5Pawan Sehrawat (Raider)105987
6Naveen Kumar (Raider)82905
7Ajay Thakur (Raider)120794
8Sachin (Raider)104767
9Vikash Kandola (Raider)96701
10Rohit Kumar (Raider)101683

Successful Tackles:

Fazel Atrachali, the sultan of kabaddi (Source: Mumbai Mirror)

Fazel Atrachali is an Iranian kabaddi player who currently captains Puneri Paltan in the PKL and the Iran National Kabaddi Team. He is a stalwart defender, seasoned enough to know when to respond and yet patient enough to hold back. He has participated in and led his country, Iran, at the Asian Games.

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S.No.NameMatches PlayedSuccessful Tackles
1Fazel Atrachali (Defender)143391
2Manjeet Chillar (All Rounder)132374
3Girish Maruti Ernak (Defender-Left Corner)143343
4Surjeet Singh (Defender- Right Cover)127324
5Sandeep Narwal (All Rounder)152323
6Ravinder Pahal (Defender-Right Corner)124320
7Nitesh Kumar (Defender)110287
8Parvesh Bhainswal (Defender-Left Cover)120263
9Sandeep Dhull (Defender- Left Corner)99260
10Vishal Bhardwaj (Defender)99257

Super Tackles:

Vishal Bhardwaj is known to be an exciting young all-rounder who utilizes his sheer strength to bring the raider back into his half. He captains the Telugu Titans and uses the ankle hold and back hold as his strengths. With 31 super tackles to his name so far, Vishal tops this list of all-time super tackles and is one of the leading defenders of the tournament.

Vishal Bharadwaj leading from the front on Super Tackles Stats

S.NoNameMatches PlayedSuper Tackles
1Vishal Bhardwaj (Defender)9931
2Sandeep Narwal (All Rounder)15229
3Parvesh Bhainswal (Defender- Left Cover)12028
4Dharmaraj Cheralathan (Defender)12325
5Mahender Singh (Defender- Left Cover)10624
6Surjeet Singh (Defender- Right Cover)12724
7Fazel Atrachali (Defender)14324
8Jeeva Kumar (Defender)13623
9Mohit Chhillar (Defender)10923
10Ravi Kumar (Defender- Right Cover)13723

Super 10s:

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S.No.NameMatches PlayedSuper 10s
1Pradeep Narwal (Raider)15077
2Maninder Singh (Raider)12162
3Naveen Kumar (Raider)8257
4Pawan Sehrawat (Raider)10549
5Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)14841
6Deepak Hooda (All-Rounder)15735
7Arjun Deshwal (Raider)6435
8Siddharth Desai (Raider)6330
9Ajay Thakur (Raider)12029
10Sachin (Raider)10428

High 5s:

A "high-5" is achieved when a defender scores five or more tackle points in a single match. Surjeet Singh of the Telugu Titans (PKL S9) holds the record for most high-5s in the league. Over the years, he has played for five franchises.

Surjeet Singh tops the table for High 5s

S.NoNameMatches PlayedHigh 5s
1Surjeet Singh (Defender-Right Cover)12729
2Fazel Atrachali (Defender)14326
3Manjeet Chhillar (All Rounder)13225
4Girish Maruti Ernak (Defender- Left Corner)14324
5Ravinder Pahal (Defender- Right Corner)12423
6Surender Nada (Defender- Left Corner)10021
7Nitesh Kumar (Defender)11020
8Vishal Bhardwaj (Defender)9919
9Mohit Chhillar (Defender)10918
10Parvesh Bhainswal (Defender- Left Cover)12017

Total Points:

S.NoNameMatches PlayedTotal Points
1Pardeep Narwal (Raider)1501555
2Maninder Singh (Raider)1211226
3Deepak Hooda (All-Rounder)1571119
4Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)1481085
5Pawan Sehrawat (Raider)1051037
6Naveen Kumar (Raider)82919
7Ajay Thakur (Raider)120816
8Sachin (Raider)104808
9Rohit Kumar (Raider)101730
10Vikash Kandola (Raider)96721

Tackle Points:

S.No.NameMatches PlayedTackle Points
1Fazel Atrachali (Defender)143415
2Manjeet Chhillar (All-Rounder)132391
3Girish Maruti Ernak (Defender- Left Corner)143359
4Sandeep Narwal (All-Rounder)152352
5Surjeet Singh (Defender- Right Cover)127348
6Ravinder Pahal (Defender- Right Corner)124339
7Nitesh Kumar (Defender)110310
8Parvesh Bhainswal (Defender- Left Cover)120291
9Vishal Bhardwaj (Defender)99288
10Sandeep Dhull (Defender- Left Corner)99281

Super Raids:

S.No.NameMatches PlayedSuper Raids
1Pardeep Narwal (Raider)15072
2Maninder Singh (Raider)12140
3Pawan Sehrawat (Raider)10529
4Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)14825
5Rishank Devadiga (Raider)12225
6Deepak Hooda (All-Rounder)15723
7Kashiling Adake (Raider)9223
8Ajay Thakur (Raider)12023
9Siddharth Desai (Raider)6322
10Vikash Kandola (Raider)9620

Do-or-Die Raid Points:

Deepak Hooda, the do-or-die champion

The Haryana-based Deepak Hooda, who plays for the Bengal Warriors, is primarily a raider, but he is versatile on the mat, earning him the title of all-rounder. He shines in the most challenging situations and tops the list of do-or-die raid points. Rising from a humble background, Hooda has represented and won medals at the South Asian Games, Asian Games, and the World Cup.

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S.No.NameMatches PlayedDo-or-Die Raid Points
1Deepak Hooda (All Rounder)157209
2Sachin (Raider)104192
3Pardeep Narwal (Raider)150181
4Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)148174
5Ajay Thakur (Raider)120163
6Maninder Singh (Raider)121160
7Shrikant Jadhav (Raider)119133
8Rishank Devadiga (Raider)122129
9Rajesh Mondal (Raider)89124
10Vikash Kandola (Raider)96116

Average Raid Points:

S.No.NameMatches PlayedAvg. Raid Points
1Naveen Kumar (Raider)8110.98
2Narender (Raider)1910.53
3Pardeep Narwal (Raider)15010.31
4Maninder Singh (Raider)12010.05
5Siddharth Desai (Raider)629.85
6Arjun Deshwal (Raider)639.79
7Pawan Sehrawat (Raider)1059.4
8Parteek Dahiya (All-Rounder)168.5
9Bharat (Raider)428.19
10 Aslam Inamdar (Raider)407.67
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