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Sanju Samson: Know about this cricket star's diet and fitness routine

Sanju Samson: Know about this cricket stars diet and fitness routine

Suraj Iyer

Published: 22 Oct 2020 1:21 PM GMT

Sanju Samson is popularly known as one of the youngest stars in Twenty20 Cricket and the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Rajasthan Royals’ player in the thirteenth season of the IPL turned heads by showing off his fitness in a marvelous catch and many sixes. Though the lockdown affected all sports and training facilities, Sanju Samson kept up with his fitness and diet regime to ensure his best for the sport. Here is his diet and fitness regimen.

Sanju Samson did not stop training due to the pandemic. Mentored by Raiphi Gomez, the cricketer underwent a fitness and diet transformation. Answering Anand Mahindra’s question on Twitter, England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen said that Sanju Samson went vegan for a few months before including eggs and meat in his diet. Raiphi Gomez trained Sanju at the former’s Thiruvananthapuram residence terrace where they trained for 6-7 hours a day. They trained various forms of bowling such as yorkers and bouncers to ensure that Sanju Samson would be in a condition to perform well in fielding despite any obstacles.

Aside from training and a good diet, it takes talent and good genetics to make one of the best athletes. Samson trained under the guidance of coaches to improve upon his agility, lean muscle mass, power and strength to ensure that he could give his best for the IPL. Cricket being a game of endurance requires long hours of focus on the field. In order to go through a match, players train mentally and physically to ensure that if the opportunity to secure a wicket or a six arises, it does not fail. Agility, flexibility, strength and endurance conditioning is a must for every cricketer to develop an all rounder physical personality. Cricket coaches work hard alongside athletes to ensure that the player showcases their best on the field, which in the case of Sanju Samson has been proven in his performance against the teams faced in this season of the IPL.

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