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Top 3 celebrity transformations that will motivate you to work harder

Top 3 celebrity transformations that will motivate you to work harder

Suraj Iyer

Published: 15 Sep 2020 3:11 AM GMT

Movies have seen many actors get into top shape to play their roles and inspire people to become a fitter version of themselves. They undergo strict diets, intense training and completely adapt themselves to the character they play. Here are three actors who gave their best to transform physically for some very demanding roles.

Aamir Khan (Dangal)

Aamir Khan was widely praised for his role in Dangal. He essayed the role of wrestling coach Mahavir Singh Phogat, who broke traditional stereotypes and trained his daughters to become some of the best wrestlers to represent India.

In order to prepare fully for this role, he decided to bulk up to 97 kilograms and film the entire portion of the movie where he was depicted as fat. He refused to wear a body suit as it would neglect the authenticity he wanted to provide on screen. Being over 50 when they shot the movie, he began his journey of cutting down to 68kg at a body fat percentage of 9.6. This level of body fat is usually visible in Olympic athletes and bodybuilders who want to compete on stage. He decided to do this fitness challenge at the end as he wanted to continue being fit post the movie release.

R. Madhavan (Irudhi Suttru)

R. Madhavan played the role of a boxing coach in his Tamil/Hindi bilingual movie. He decided to fully embrace the role and not just look aesthetically pleasing on screen, for which he trained in the USA and incorporated boxing in his workouts. Being 45 during the process of production, he went through intense training where he developed a muscular build that was achieved without any steroids or supplements. He restricted himself to a vegetarian diet and well planned exercise regime. After training as a boxer, he went on to train being a boxing coach in order to fully depict the authenticity in the movie. Some of the key takeaways from his transformation was:

  • Leaving a minimum gap of 4-5 hours between his last meal and sleep.
  • Providing the body with enough sleep and recovery time.

Despite facing injuries, he pulled off a look that proved that hard work and dedication can do wonders without the use of supplements, steroids or non vegetarian food.

Hrithik Roshan (War)

Hrithik Roshan is known as the Greek God of Bollywood. He achieved an envious body transformation for the movie War which came out in 2019. Restarting the journey, this happened over the course of a year, starting September 2018. He gained weight from a previous movie, suffered from multiple slipped disks and faced a tough mental journey ahead to get into shape within a time frame. However, he achieved this transformation and managed to pull off a muscular look, complementing his role of a RAW agent, at an older age which left many inspired to hit the gym and work harder towards their fitness goals.

These body transformations did not occur overnight and movies often have videos showcasing how much effort goes into achieving the dream body. But these transformations show that it is never too late and always possible to adopt a fitter lifestyle. These actors show us that factors like age, medical issues or mental challenges are some of the hindrances one might face, but it certainly is no excuse to becoming a better version of themselves.

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