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World Vegetarian Day 2020: The two major benefits of being vegetarian

World Vegetarian Day 2020: The two major benefits of being vegetarian

Suraj Iyer

Published: 1 Oct 2020 1:39 PM GMT

Vegetarian diets have seen an increasing trend in recent years. Many people are giving up meat and fish in pursuit of following a plant and dairy based diet that has claimed to help one live longer.

World Vegetarian Day 2020

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated by vegetarians all over the world on October 1. Established in 1977 officially by the North American Vegetarian Society, this day aims to promote the many benefits that can be visible when following a vegetarian lifestyle. Not only does this help one in terms of nutrition, but also promote environmental, humanitarian and ethical benefits of being a vegetarian.

It is important to understand that there are different types of following a vegetarian diet. There are lacto-ovo vegetarians, those who consume fruits and vegetables, but eat animal by-products such as eggs and dairy. Vegans are strict vegetarians who only rely on non animal sources of food. Pescaterians, a third category involves those who include seafood as the only source of meat in a diet that is primarily vegetarian.

Here are the two major benefits of following a vegetarian diet:

Lower risk of diseases

According to WebMD, a vegetarian diet can prove “nutritionally superior to any other way of eating”, as plants contain lots of natural nutrients which are essential for the body. Following a vegetarian diet will lead to lower risk in diseases such as ischemic heart diseases, lower blood pressure, lower overall cancer risk and lower risk of chronic diseases. Such a diet will lead to better health with no compromise on taste, thanks to the many cookbooks and vegetarian meal plans provided by nutritionists and cookbooks.

Promoting a more natural environment

When one chooses to be a vegetarian, they are contributing greatly to the environment. Animals undergo cruelty due to more demand in meat. Terrible living conditions, hormone injections for better faster growth and wastage of resources in maintaining the animals are some of the many resources spent in fulfilling a non vegetarian cuisine. According to BBC, if the entire world went vegetarian, the effects of climate change could be countered to a certain extent.

Though the whole world need not become vegetarian, it is important to acknowledge that a vegetarian diet is capable of providing the nutrients for a balanced diet. Non vegetarian people are also contributing towards the environment by increasing the demand for grass fed meats and reduced consumption overall. A vegetarian diet can have many benefits for the mind and body, and many celebrities today endorse living a vegan lifestyle.

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