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World Diabetes Day 2020: Theme, history and importance of this day

World Diabetes Day 2020: Theme, history and importance of this day

Suraj Iyer

Published: 14 Nov 2020 4:52 AM GMT

World Diabetes Day is observed every year on November 14. It aims to promote global awareness and how can people live the way they want while managing diabetes in an efficient way.


World Diabetes Day (WDD) was first created 1991 by International Diabetes Federation and was later recognized by United Nations in 2006. According to World Diabetes Day, the decision to mark it an official day in 2006 was made along with the passing of the United Nations 61/225 resolution. November 14 is an important date as it marks the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922.


Since 2013, World Diabetes Day observes a theme every year. The themes help in managing different aspects of diabetes and how it affects the people living with them. For World Diabetes Day 2020, the theme is ‘The Nurse and Diabetes’. This will also shed light on the coronavirus pandemic which led to long working hours for many healthcare professionals, especially nurses. Nurses also play a huge part in helping people with diabetes as they account for over half of the global health workforce. Due to the vast number of people around the world living with diabetes, education and training for nurses can help in spreading awareness at a large scale and help people form a community and support each other.


World Diabetes Day has an audience over one billion and spans 160 countries. According to WDD, the campaign aims to the platform for promoting International Diabetes Federation (IDF) advocacy and to promote importance and awareness all around the world on diabetes as a global health issue.

Source: World Diabetes Day

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