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What makes rowing one of the best cardio workouts?

What makes rowing one of the best cardio workouts?

Suraj Iyer

Published: 15 Oct 2020 2:08 PM GMT

Rowing has become a popular form of keeping fit. It is a form of cardiovascular exercise like running and cycling. However, rowing and swimming are the only two cardio workouts that work your entire body and focus on both pushing and pulling, though not based on strength. Rowing machines have become a common appearance at many gyms across India; however they are still not as commonly used as treadmills and exercise bikes. Let’s have a look at the benefits of rowing.

Benefits of Rowing

Rowing is a total body exercise. It focuses on cardiovascular endurance and aerobic component of fitness. Contrary to HIIT, it is easier on the joints and the body overall, and instead focuses on muscular and aerobic endurance and one can burn fat easily by doing intervals at higher intensity without having to risk joint injury.

Calorie Burn

Similar to the many benefits found in other forms of cardio workouts, rowing can help in improving blood circulation, heart health, reduce risk of heart diseases and especially help with weight loss. Due to the total body aspect of rowing, it is slightly efficient than running and biking, burning more calories in the long run.

For all ages

Irrespective of a person’s age group, rowing is an exercise that has many benefits. It can be performed by children as well as people above the age of 50. Though it is important to learn the proper technique to avoid injury and improve performance under the guidance of an instructor, rowing remains accessible to all.


Endurance athletes are aware of the mindfulness effect that running and many other endurance activities include. Once the perfect 4-step technique of rowing is achieved i.e. catch, drive, finish and recovery, it is easy to remain mindful and present in the moment while still getting a good workout. Thus the effects of rowing are not just physical but also mental.

Rowing can help with aerobic fitness goals, especially when it comes to weight loss and improving on total body endurance. Inspired from the sport of rowing, it provides immense benefits to people of any age groups, involves a mind muscle connection similar to strength training and is easy on the joints. This makes rowing one of the most fun and effective workouts.

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