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Understanding health supplements with Boldfit founder Pallav Bihani

Understanding health supplements with Boldfit founder Pallav Bihani

Suraj Iyer

Published: 9 Dec 2020 12:01 PM GMT

Health and gym supplements have become a common appearance at many exercise studios and pharmacies. However, the large world of supplements may intimidate a beginner to exercise. In conversation with The Bridge, Boldfit founder Pallav Bihani broke down this complex subject so beginners and enthusiasts can understand supplements better.

Pallav first got started into fitness during his college days and eventually developed a passion for fitness. He joined his family business in 2016, but he felt something was amiss. After 3 years of soul searching, Pallav founded Boldfit, a one-stop shop for fitness supplements and accessories. “We want to standardize our fitness products as per international standards for our customers”, he said. Pallav also started getting involved in fitness at a time where there was not much awareness about supplements and nutraceuticals. Having worked with expert nutritionists, he realised that the Indian diet has certain deficiencies that can be fulfilled by supplements. Many would be aware of supplements due to the coronavirus pandemic where many bought health supplements to boost their immunity. However, Pallav explains what each supplement is useful for.

We may be unaware of deficiencies in our body. Thus it is important to have a blood test done and consult a nutritionist. They can guide you better and advise which supplements to use”, he explained about supplement usage. Since it is difficult to determine which supplements to use in today’s broad market, consulting a professional is a must. Having been a supplement user himself, Pallav carefully curated Boldfit supplements with the best nutritionists, quality checks and customer reviews.

Vitamin D deficiency is a very common phenomenon among Indians who follow a vegetarian diet. However, a simple Vitamin D supplement can help fulfill this imbalance. One of the common signs of Vitamin D deficiency is stress or fatigue. “Consumption of processed and junk food and our over exposure to pollution has denied us of a lot of nutrients which our forefathers have had natural access to”, he explained. In cases where complete fulfillment of nutrition cannot be possible naturally, a multivitamin supplement can help bridge this gap and give the body a power packed dose of vital nutrients. However by no means can it replace fresh fruits, vegetables and a healthy diet. It is essential to maintain a great diet and supplements can only supplement any diet but not replace it completely.

70% of Indians have a protein deficient diet, as witnessed by a carbohydrate rich diet across many parts of the country. This is where protein supplements come in. Though many think that only avid gym goers are more suited consumers for this product, protein is an essential macronutrient that should be a part of everyone’s diet”, Pallav explained.

Creatine on the other hand is a performance supplement for athletes and people who are very active. It gives you a burst of energy and helps in muscle building”.

Recovery supplements are also a buzzword that many fitness enthusiasts come across. Elaborating on this, Pallav said, “The way recovery supplements are made, they aim to improve recovery from exercise in athletes. This leads to a positive cycle of faster recovery and better training, resulting in peak performance. When you recover better, you train better and when you train better you perform better”, he explained.

Fat burners are made from natural ingredients with properties that can help in boosting metabolism. “Boldfit has avoided using external stimulants to give users a natural experience when using fat burning supplements”, he said.

Though supplements may sound enticing due to the many benefits it offers, it is important to consult a nutritionist who can give proper guidance. “Pregnancy and allergies may interfere, which is why expert guidance can help in safe intake of supplements”. It is also important to remember that supplements are better taken as an addition to a meal and not a replacement. Beginners should not fret over supplements as including natural sources in the diet is the right way to go. “You should eat a balanced diet and drink enough water. But if you are unable to meet the requirements of certain nutrients, supplements are a good aid.”

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