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Top 5 benefits of practicing Taekwondo for fitness

Top 5 benefits of practicing Taekwondo for fitness

Suraj Iyer

Published: 12 Nov 2020 6:59 AM GMT

Taekwondo may be known best for its jumping and spinning kicks at huge heights. However, this Korean martial art is taken up by many enthusiasts across the world as a means of getting fitter and learning components of self defense in the process. Here are a few ways in which Taekwondo can help one in getting fitter.


Speed, undoubtedly, is one of the primary components of this sport and martial art. Due to the aerobic nature of the martial art, speed and cardio are one of the primary components that one will train. Taekwondo competitions need one to rely on fast reflexes and high kicks to land a successful blow to the head.


In order to kick high, one must be flexible enough to lift their legs high up. Professional Taekwondo athletes train to perform advanced flexibility-based manoeuvres such as the middle split, side split and oversplit. Due to today’s sedentary nature where strength and flexibility has taken a toll on overall physical health, taekwondo may be a well rounded approach.

Balance and Co-ordination

Being flexible and fast might lead one to think that is all they need to practice Taekwondo. However, being able to hold a kick at a height and balancing oneself without flailing the legs is a major component of this martial art. Having balance, control and co-ordination over the entire body can help in avoiding any injuries while getting in better shape.

Muscle Tone

Aesthetics may be something that gyms are notorious for. But Taekwondo or any other martial art can help one with their visual goals. Due to the well rounded approach to fitness, Taekwondo can help in improving muscle tone, reducing fat and becoming stronger. Aside from looking and being stronger, it also focuses on self defense which is an added bonus for many.

However, the benefits of Taekwondo are not simply restricted to the physical benefits.

Mental Benefits of Taekwondo

Self control, perseverance, courtesy and respect are some of the many core principles of Taekwondo. It helps in developing good character traits. Today when one can be easily distracted at the sound of a notification, Taekwondo helps develop concentration which can help in boosting productivity and avoiding procrastination. Due to the social nature of martial arts, it can also help in building friendships and bonds with others in the Taekwondo community.

Though it may not be the first choice when it comes to fitness, Taekwondo has a well rounded approach that has immense benefits and can be a better alternative for those who want to get fitter outside of a gym setting.

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