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Top 3 factors that can make or break your fitness goals

Top 3 factors that can make or break your fitness goals

Suraj Iyer

Published: 3 Nov 2020 4:34 AM GMT

Workouts are the first thing that comes to mind when one aims to achieve a fitness goal. Be it running a marathon, bigger or toned muscles, or weight management, the common notion is that the process of exercise gets one fit. However, this is only part of the truth.

Exercise plays a major part in stimulating many systems throughout the body. And the type of exercise, such as focusing on endurance, hypertrophy, flexibility or power also plays an important role. But it is only the part of an equation, where factors more than exercise can make or break progress. Here are three things one must know to achieve their fitness goal.


7-8 hours of sleep is recommended for each individual, especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are training for a competition or for a goal. The muscle breaks down during exercise and sleep is the part where the body has the chance to utilize the food consumed throughout the day, to rebuild the muscle fibres. This does not apply to just strength training such as lifting, but also for cardiovascular activities. Without sleep, the body is unable to fully recover and can cause stress or possibly injury in the long run.


“Abs are made in the kitchen” is a popular saying in the gym and fitness community. Nutrition does play an important part in fitness, as the kind of workouts one does should be supplemented by the type of nutrition. Though all macronutrients are important, tailoring a balanced diet according to needs and one that fulfills the complete vitamin and mineral quotient is ideal. Without nutrition, exercise is not effective. It is important to value quality of food than quantity.


Fitness is a lifestyle change. In order to achieve a goal, it is important to make complete changes in lifestyle. An example would be functional fitness, where one can apply lunges, squats, overhead press, pull exercises and more in everyday life. Being more active and getting rid of addictions and bad habits go a long way towards achieving fitness goals faster and without any hurdles.

Achieving a fitness goal may start with a gym membership or a workout routine, but reaching there is a tedious journey. However, incorporating healthy habits, better nutrition and sound sleep are definite keys to success on any fitness journey.

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