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How FISAF promotes fitness and better physical health

How FISAF promotes fitness and better physical health

Suraj Iyer

Published: 21 Sep 2020 6:05 AM GMT

Sports Aerobics and fitness is new era sport which originated from traditional aerobics. It is performed with High Intensity and perfect execution with fast paced music.

This comprises of many components of fitness. Being a bodyweight discipline, it requires no additional equipment. The primary focus is on developing overall strength, flexibility, endurance and rhythm.

In a competitive sport like sports aerobics, it is important to develop endurance and come up with intricate choreographed routines that are pleasing to the eyes. Practicing fitness aerobics as a recreational activity or competitively provides many benefits. Being a creative sport that is focused on presentation and demonstration, it is one of the most fun ways to get a good workout. The music, routines and fitness drills help develop flexibility, strength and coordination without making it feel like a workout, an alternative for those who cannot afford a gym membership and are looking for a fun fitness routine.

Practicing fitness aerobics as a recreational activity or competitively provides many benefits.

In the competitive aspect, sports aerobics has five skill element Groups on which sport in based

  • Compulsory elements

This category involves three movements – jumping jacks, alternating high kick and push-ups. For a competitive to score in this element, they must perform four consecutive, identical and stationary repetitions of the mentioned exercises.

  • Jumps

The second skill element involves six jumps which are named as follows – air jacks, tuck jump, front split jump, pirouette jump, pike jump and straddle jumps.

  • Static Strength

The third skill element focuses on strength based holds that test mental and physical toughness. The holds are - horizontal press, V-Press, supported planches and unsupported planches. Each of the holds must be held for four musical counts.

  • Push ups

The fourth skill element consists of push ups. It involves the standard push up among many other variations which challenge upper body strength. The exercises are - two arm push up, two arm triceps push up, two arm triceps hinge push up, one arm push up, one arm lateral push up and one arm triceps push up.

  • Flexibility

The final skill element focuses on flexibility. It involves advanced stretches which can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Front split

    Front split, Needlepoint, Standing front split and Supine front split.

  2. Straddle split

    Straddle split, prone straddle split and supine straddle split.

  3. Combination split

    Rotations while holding a split stretch.

These skills are judged on the basis of intensity, complexity, execution, variety, choreography, synchronization and presentation. This makes sports aerobics one of the most well rounded sports with emphasis on every aspect of physical fitness.

Federation of India Sports and Fitness Aerobics (FISAF) is sole governing body dedicated to develop India’s sports Aerobics and fitness aerobics according to international standards. They provide various resources to make sports aerobics accessible for all across the country. The resources are designed in a way that enables people of all age groups to practice them anywhere and reap benefits.

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