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The Ultimate Workout Playlist - Indian Edition

The Ultimate Workout Playlist - Indian Edition


Published: 19 Aug 2020 11:48 AM GMT

How important is music to your workout? Be it the peppy beats or the rhythm of the drums, each of us has our own preference and thereby, a personal workout playlist. Every time we come across a song or a tune which lifts our spirits, it conveniently finds its way into our workout playlist.

However, this happens only once in a while, and the search for a worthy addition is a long one. Nevertheless, the entire process is worth it because research studies have shown that music influences your workouts. One research study indicated that women who listened to music on an endurance run showed better performance than those who did not.

This is not restricted to just running, which is why gyms have their workout playlist updated to the latest tunes which keep everyone upbeat and pumped to workout. If we closely observe, we are open to embracing new music while sweating it out. It acts as an extra motivator and when the tune is really catchy, we end up humming it for the rest of the day.

8 energetic songs for your workout playlist

So, if you are looking to find worthy additions to your workout playlist, here are a set of suggestions that will do exactly that.

  • Butta Bomma

As a part of the movie Ala Vaikunthapurramloo, this Telugu song was streamed all over the country but many were unaware that this was sung by Armaan Malik. It has a slow, steady, upbeat vibe that is perfect for any tiring endurance run to keep your spirits positive till the end. The slow buildup towards the chorus is sure to help you smile through the pain.

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  • Rowdy Baby

This Tamil song was composed by Yuvan and sung by the actor Dhanush himself for his movie, Maari 2. It features high octane, powerful beats that are perfect for HIIT workouts to help you push through those agonizing moments of high intensity.

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  • Lallati Bhandar

Lallati Bhandar is a Marathi song composed by duo Ajay-Atul for the movie Jogwa. The constant upbeat feeling makes it the perfect song for workouts that include heavy lifting. Since it is produced by percussion instruments, it is also great for sprint runs that get the heart racing.

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  • Anthaathi

A critically acclaimed people’s favourite, Anthaathi is a Tamil song from the movie 96 which is a perfect song for flow-oriented yoga practices like vinyasa and yin. This song goes straight to the soul and is unbeatable for a calm, relaxing, stress-free yoga session.

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  • Maari Kannu

Maari Kannu is a Kannada rap song by Brodha V. It is a perfect song for a good Zumba workout with a positive, upbeat mood that is sure to pep up any workout on those days when you are feeling down and unmotivated to workout.

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  • Fish Rock

Composed by Malayalam rock band Thaikkudam Bridge, Fish Rock is one of the most versatile songs for any workout. It starts slow and eventually builds up to the perfect rock music finale - making it a song that blends perfectly with the cadence of any warm-up routine.

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  • Khusi Ta

Rapper Big Deal made this song as a tribute to his home state of Odisha. The song has an upbeat ambience which is perfect for a casual jog or even a moderately intense lifting session. The shift between the chorus and the rap allows you to lose yourself in the flow of the workout and focus on working a sweat.

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  • Sauda Khara Khara

A remake of Sukhbir's classic Punjabi song released in the 90s, this song is among the few that retained the essence of the original song. Remade for the Bollywood movie Good Newwz, this is a perfect song for speed runs or high-intensity lifting sessions where you need to push past all the barriers to achieve your fitness goals.

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These songs are sure to fire up your spirits and act as excellent additions to your workout playlist. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to tell us and we will add them to the list.



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