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Top 4 lifestyle changes gained with regular yoga practice

Top 4 lifestyle changes gained with regular yoga practice

Suraj Iyer

Published: 12 Aug 2020 2:10 PM GMT

Yoga is the preferred choice of workout for millions across the world. Practitioners have reported several benefits and many people are taking up yoga for the immense physical and mental health benefits. But there are many who are still not convinced about what yoga does for the mind and body. Here are four reasons that are the primary benefits gained with regular yoga practice.

Physically fit and flexible

Yoga helps develop flexibility and core control without the use of equipment or unnecessary expenditure. The many asanas involved in yoga can be modified to suit beginners as well as advanced practitioners according to their levels of difficulty. Yoga emphasizes a lot of core control and breathing rhythm. This offers benefits like toned muscles, weight loss, fat reduction, and improvement in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The involvement of the back and spine helps one with posture issues and is also a prescribed form of therapy by many doctors for body rehabilitation.

Improved mental health benefits

Yoga is not simply another form of exercise but involves the mind. The breathing rhythm, complete focus on the asana and maintaining proper posture takes physical and mental focus. Yoga boosts confidence as seen in aspects that involved hand balancing asanas. Some asanas which require you to bend forward like the Bakasana are intimidating due to the fear factor but yoga practice helps one achieve it. Being able to perform certain asanas diminishes the fear factor and allows one to have more trust and confidence, leading to better mental health.

Awareness of time

Meditation is an integral part of yoga which involves a rhythmic breathing pattern. This helps one relax completely and let go of any stress. The amount of time spent during meditation helps one become mindful, aware and present of their surroundings and themselves. This leads to better awareness when procrastinating. Regular yoga and meditation can help one avoid putting things off and boost productivity in the workplace as well as personal life. It is one of the many major lifestyle benefits gained with regular practice.

Change in diet

Yoga has a holistic approach to overall health. The positive emphasis on mind, body and spirituality helps one improve their lifestyle for the better. This indirectly improves a person’s diet as they start to avoid processed food or junk food which is harmful to health. They instead eat fresh food that is good for the body and mind. A change in diet is an essential transition in lifestyle that can bring about positive progress in many aspects.

Source: New Indian Express

These are some of the many ways in which yoga can help one become a better person physically and mentally. Aside from the typically known benefits of flexibility and meditation, these benefits can be availed by many through consistent yoga practice. Celebrities have adapted the yoga lifestyle and achieved success through positive changes and also advocate for many to do so.

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