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The top 4 factors that have an impact on your mental health

The top 4 factors that have an impact on your mental health

Suraj Iyer

Published: 20 Aug 2020 11:46 AM GMT

Mental health has received considerable importance in recent years. It has been an important subject when it comes to overall well being. India has seen increased access to mental health discussions due to celebrities opening up about such issues. People have turned to non-profit organisations that provide free services for those who can’t afford therapy.

However, many don’t realise the importance of having a good mental health in everyday life. Though it does not affect one immediately, mental health can make a big difference in a person’s overall health and functioning. It is evident among many today who are suffering from stress or mental illnesses due to urban fast-paced lifestyle. Here are some factors related to mental health that affect an individual’s total health.


Sleep has changed for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies shifted to work from home and this has led to a drastic change in sleep cycles and timings. Many have noticed an improvement in sleep due to a varying schedule, lack of travel and many services going digital. Sleep is necessary to reduce stress, relax and provide enough rest for the body.


Exercise is an important yet neglected factor among many people. Due to sedentary work, weight issues and diseases related to inactivity are on the rise. Walking or performing light aerobic exercise every day for 20-60 minutes can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Another alternative is to perform moderate to high-intensity aerobic exercise or run for 15-20 minutes if time is a limiting factor. Running has proven to be beneficial for those with depression and is one of the best ways to keep fit.


Addictions are a serious issue. An addiction is detrimental to one’s own health and to the people around them. A sign that someone may be addicted to something like alcohol or smoking is that it takes over their life’s daily activities. This may lead to delays in work and personal events, depression, or anxiety. Addictions may deteriorate one’s mental health to dangerous extents if not handled carefully which is why it is necessary to get proper help from a psychiatrist.

Self Time

Making time for oneself is essential. Today screen time has increased to the point where many wake up to a digital alarm and sleep after setting notifications or to-do lists for the next day. It is vital that in an urban lifestyle, it is easy to lose oneself and become stressed. Meditating, taking a little time for a hobby every day or just switching off all digital devices for a certain period of time can result in more stress relief. Taking time for oneself improves mental health vastly. These four factors are of importance to lifestyle and mental health. Mental health is an important aspect of health and thus should be given importance, especially today.

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