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Esports | Top Guns that are used in PUBG Mobile

Esports | Top Guns that are used in PUBG Mobile

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 17 Aug 2020 11:39 AM GMT

PUBG Mobile has a vast array of guns that will help you secure that chicken dinner. However, to earn that dinner on a regular basis, it is important to consider with weapons to have in your loadout at all times. Most top players in the PUBG Mobile Indian ecosystem utilize these guns on a regular basis and have had proven results. This is a list of the top weapons one must have in their loadout:


MK 14 fro PUBG Mobile MK 14 for PUBG Mobile

Essentially this gun can only be found in airdrops making it harder to find and use, but once found it is a hard-hitting rifle that can catch enemies off guard and help you secure that all-important knockdown and finally the kill. The MK14 automatic fire mode allows a wider range of usage whether it be house clearing or surprise contact with another player making this a very durable weapon to add to the arsenal if found.


Groza in PUBG Mobile Groza in PUBG Mobile

Essentially a bullpup with a high fire rate making this a must-have gun in your endgame loadout, however this gun can only be found in airdrops just like the MK14 making this gun slightly harder to come across. Groza boasts the second-highest firing rate meaning it could quickly turn the battle in your favor and is a very powerful endgame weapon to have. However, it’s only drawback is the abysmally slow reload time at 3 seconds but expert players could use it for their advantage to move in when reloading.


UZI in PUBG Mobile UZI in PUBG Mobile

The UZI can be deemed as a pocket rocket, a submachine gun with its high fire rate, clip size make it a very valuable gun in the early to mid-game when it comes to close quarter fighting, however, the UZI is not a valuable endgame gun, mainly due to its lack of range in long-distance firefights. UZI is most valuable when fighting in extremely close quarters and is best used when catching enemies unaware and with their pants down, especially in the early game when everyone is focused on looting.


AWM in PUBG Mobile AWM in PUBG Mobile

A powerful bolt action rifle designed specifically for long-range gunfights, this is the highest damage dealing gun in the game and only one of two that can kill with a headshot. If involved in a gun battle beyond 500 meters, it then becomes the only one that can kill. This unstoppable weapon rewards a high risk, high reward gameplay due to its long reload time, time is taken between shots and high damage. This gun is the best gun to have in your endgame loadout and help secure the win.


M24 in PUBG Mobile M24 in PUBG Mobile

Another bolt action rifle that will change the course of the fight over the range it provides. It’s the best range is around 120-150 meters making it a potent mid to long-range weapon to use. It has high damage numbers making it an effective rifle which through specific attachments makes it a very strong weapon to have in your loadout mainly because its main improvement in reload speed which gets reduced to 1.8 seconds.

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