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Esports | Top 5 long range guns in PUBG Mobile

Esports | Top 5 long range guns in PUBG Mobile

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 10 Aug 2020 8:02 AM GMT

PUBG Mobile has a vast array of guns that will help you secure that chicken dinner and establish your name in PUBG Mobile folklore. The best way to do this would be to use these long range weapons that will help you snipe across the map and help you secure the all important kill.

This is the top 5 list of long range guns in PUBG Mobile:


AWM in PUBG Mobile AWM in PUBG Mobile

A powerful bolt action rifle designed specifically for long range gunfights, this is the highest damage dealing gun in the game and only one of two that can kill with a headshot. If involved in a gun battle beyond 500 meters, it then becomes the only one that can kill. This unstoppable weapon rewards a high risk, high reward game play due to its long reload time, time taken between shots and high damage. This gun is the best gun to have in your endgame loadout and help secure the win.


M24 in PUBG Mobile M24 in PUBG Mobile

Another bolt action rifle that will change the course of the fight over the range it provides. It’s best range is around 120-150 meters making it a potent mid to long range weapon to use. It has high damage numbers making it an effective rifle which through specific attachments make it a very strong weapon to have in your loadout mainly because its main improvement in reload speed which gets reduced to 1.8seconds.

M416 (Spraying)

M416 in PUBG Mobile M416 in PUBG Mobile

This quick reload 5.56m assault rifle is the preferred assault rifle for most PUBG Mobile players. It is a highly customisable gun that accepts almost all modifications in the game. The M416 is a great gun for mid range fights due to its very low recoil and brings greater control while using the automatic fire mode when fully modified. This weapon is ideal for a loadout due to its versatility and how common it is to find it in the PUBG universe.


SLR in PUBG Mobile SLR in PUBG Mobile

The SLR is a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), this category lies between assault rifles and sniper rifles, making the SLR the perfect love child of the two. SLR is a forgivable weapon that allows players using it to get away with body shots rather than just focusing on head shots to get kills, making this a great addition to a players loadout at any point of the game.


K98 in PUBG Mobile K98 in PUBG Mobile

The Karabiner 98 Kurz also called K98 in game is a bolt action rifle that deals a ton of damage to players with level 2 helmets, potentially knocking them down while at it. The K98 is a great weapon for mid to long range engagements making it a powerful weapon at those ranges but however its a difficult weapon to use when on the move due to its slow reload speeds and slow bullet velocity.

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