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Esports | Top 5 close range weapons you MUST use in PUBG Mobile

Esports | Top 5 close range weapons you MUST use in PUBG Mobile

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 7 Aug 2020 11:51 AM GMT

Taking part in gun fights is an essential part of gameplay in PUBG Mobile, and winning them is even more important to secure the Chicken Dinner. Close range guns can turn the tide in your favour when you are raiding crates or simply exploring and you run into an enemy. Here is the list of top 5 close range guns to help you win and secure top spot in the match.


MK 14 fro PUBG Mobile MK 14 in PUBG Mobile

Essentially this gun can only be found in airdrops making it harder to find and use, but once found it is a hard hitting rifle that can catch enemies off guard and help you secure that all important knock down and finally the kill. The MK14 automatic fire mode allows a wider range of usage whether it be house clearing or surprise contact with another player making this a very durable weapon to add to the arsenal if found.


Groza in PUBG Mobile Groza in PUBG Mobile

Essentially a bullpup with a high fire rate making this a must have gun in your endgame loadout, however this gun can only be found in airdrops just like the MK14 making this gun slightly harder to come across. Groza boasts the second highest firing rate meaning it could quickly turn the battle in your favor and is a very powerful endgame weapon to have. However it’s only drawback is the abysmally slow reload time at 3 seconds but expert players could use it for their advantage to move in when reloading.


UZI in PUBG Mobile UZI in PUBG Mobile

The UZI can be deemed as a pocket rocket, a submachine gun with its high fire rate, clip size make it a very valuable gun in the early to mid game when it comes to close quarter fighting, however the UZI is not a valuable endgame gun, mainly due to its lack of range in long distance firefights. UZI is most valuable when fighting in extreme close quarters and is best used when catching enemies unaware and with their pants down, especially in the early game when everyone is focused on looting.


M762 in PUBG Mobile M762 in PUBG Mobile

Probably the most popular option amongst the ones in the list, this assault weapon is a very versatile option with three firing modes; Single, Burst and Auto which allows for multiple types of firefights and ranges. This 7.62mm assault rifle has a high fire rate which compensates for its damage and a relatively healthy magazine capacity which could possibly turn the battle in your favour


DBS in PUBG Mobile DBS in PUBG Mobile

This airdrop weapon which is a double barrelled pump action shotgun packs quite a punch for its size. The ultimate close range weapon that will guarantee a knockdown. However its major drawback is its magazine size which takes a very long time to fully reload. The DBS can be used to end the fight quickly and efficiently mainly due to its unique method of firing that pre loads two shells in the pump allowing the player to get off a quick shoulder peek shot.

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