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A New Reckoning for Indian Basketball

ACG Sports Private Limited has been chosen to manage the much-anticipated National Star Basketball League.

A New Reckoning for Indian Basketball

The National Star Basketball league is set to be the biggest league in Indian Basketball history. (Photo Credit: The Hindu)


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Updated: 29 Jun 2024 3:15 PM GMT

In a landmark development for Indian Basketball, ACG Sports Private Limited, a subsidiary of ACG Associated Capsules Pvt Ltd, has been chosen as League Management Partner for the upcoming National Star Basketball League which will be hosted in 5x5 and 3x3 formats.

ACG Sports Private Limited secured the bid with annual commitment of Rs. 30.9 Crores.

The breakdown of the financial commitment includes Rs. 20.6 Crores for the 5x5 category and Rs. 10.3 Crores for the 3x3 category, amounting to a total investment of Rs. 216,30,00,000 (216 crores 30 lakhs) for 7 years.

This significant investment is set to elevate and redefine the basketball’s profile in India.

A New Chapter

Basketball Federation Of India (BFI) President, Aadhav Arjuna said: “I am thrilled to announce the commencement of an exciting new chapter in Indian basketball history the establishment of the National Star Basketball League (NSBL) by the Basketball Federation of India (BFI).”

”As the President of BFI, it brings me immense pleasure to introduce this groundbreaking initiative that aims to revolutionize the landscape of basketball in our country,” he added.

Karan Singh, the Managing Director of ACG, has been an avid basketball lover himself and has been involved in promoting the sport for over a decade.

ACG sports as an organization has an history of promoting the sports fo many years.

Kulvinder Gill, the Secretary General of BFI, expressed optimism, stating, "Indian players now have the opportunity to pursue basketball as a viable career.”

“Our country possesses abundant talent that we are committed to nurturing and developing,” he concluded.

A Good Start

With basketball being an undervalued sport in India, the initiation of a league with the caliber of NSBL will draw young enthusiasts to stadiums to watch professional basketball.

This experience will surely inspire them. Additionally, it will promote the development of better infrastructure for basketball, which is currently lacking due to insufficient training facilities.

With NBA clubs like the Sacramento Kings backing the NSBL, it is undoubtedly a positive step towards the rise and development of basketball in India, from grassroots levels to the professional setup.

How does the league set to operate

The League is set to feature 10 men’s teams, and 8 women’s teams.

The 5x5 format of the League will be played in indoor stadiums, while the 3x3 format can be held in beach, parks, and malls so as to have accessibility to the people.

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