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'The Monster' - 23-time World Champion Michael Todd recalls stellar career ahead of India visit

The 23-time World Championship-winning arm wrestler, Michael Todd will be visiting India ahead of Pro Panja League's highly-anticipated Ranking Tournament

Michael Todd is a 23-time World Champion in Arm-Wrestling

Michael Todd is a 23-time World Champion in Arm-Wrestling. (Credits- Pro Panja League)


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Updated: 11 Aug 2022 5:47 PM GMT

The stage is set for internationally-acclaimed arm-wrestling star Michael Todd's visit to India in the month of July. The 23-time World Championship-winning arm wrestler, who hails from the USA, will be visiting India between 19th July - 22nd July, ahead of Pro Panja League's highly-anticipated Ranking Tournament, set to take place between 22nd July and 24th July in Gwalior.

Michael Todd will be visiting New Delhi on 19th July and 20th July. He will be travelling to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra on 21st July and then will be travelling to Gwalior for the Ranking Tournament on 22nd July.

Michael Todd was born and brought up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He is currently still living just 20 miles from his childhood home and feels fortunate to have grown up in a small town. "I was fortunate enough to grow up in a small town in America and had a lot of time to play outside and enjoy the Natural State of Arkansas," Michael, nicknamed 'The Monster', said.

As a kid, Michael Todd was always into combat sports and went on to achieve a black belt in Taekwondo. But as Michael started growing up, his interest shifted toward the sport of arm wrestling. At the age of 17, in 1990, Michael went on to compete in his first arm-wrestling event. "I was immediately hooked to the sport," he said.

Not having any family members or a coach nearby, Michael taught himself the intricacies of arm-wrestling. He competed in arm-wrestling matches with his father while training, and after he started competing in state and national level arm-wrestling events, he was able to pick up wins against him.

Speaking about his training schedule over the years, Michael said, "I have always trained like an athlete, wanting my entire body to be strong. But the key to being good at arm wrestling is training the hand and wrist, which I now do daily."

Over his tremendous career, Michael has won 23 World Titles and 36 National Titles. "It's been a wild ride. I have competed in as many as 35 events in a calendar year since 2001 and have had a blast doing it. Not sure about my toughest, but my proudest win was my 2012 6-0 Vendetta win against Andre Pushkar," he added.

During his stellar career, Michael picked up several multiple fractures in his arm and had to undergo a lengthy recovery process.

"Most of my injuries occurred when I did not have health insurance so, I would either train through the injury or around the injury. Coming back from my left elbow coming apart, literally meant starting over with the lightest weights I had ever lifted," he recalled.

Multiple injuries also prompted Michael to learn and develop a new technique 'King Move', which garnered much attention in the arm-wrestling community. Michael Todd also gained popularity because of the technique, and his name became associated with the move.

"I started using it out of necessity, due to my limited range of motion (ROM) and I would drop my body down to increase the height of my hand since I couldn't close my hand closer to my shoulder," he said.

Now, Michael believes Pro Panja League is creating a buzz about the sport of arm wrestling in India and abroad and believes the sport will have a great future in the country going forward.

"What Pro Panja League is doing is amazing and it is helping in creating a lot of excitement about this amazing sport. I can easily see the sport grow into something that the entire world competes in or enjoys watching," he said.

"As long as Pro Panja continues to put out quality events and continue to share and promote the sport via social media, there will definitely be very big things to come. I can only imagine it being extremely bright, considering all the hard work and efforts Pro Panja is putting into the promotion of the sport," Michael signed off.

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