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"We need to show solidarity and kindness towards each other," Abhinav Bindra says on COVID crisis

With India experiencing an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 infections Abhinav Bindra has urged people to unite and help, show kindness to each other during these uncertain times.

Abhinav Bindra (Source: Forbes)

Abhinav Bindra (Source: Forbes)


Abhijit Nair

Updated: 2021-05-04T23:14:16+05:30

With India experiencing an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 infections, the country's first individual Olympic gold medallist, Abhinav Bindra has urged people to unite and help, show kindness to each other during these uncertain times.

In his column at The Indian Express Bindra said, "It's wonderful to see how much people are doing to help each other on social media. Some others are doing it in their own silent ways. But overall, in all verticals – be it the political establishment or people in other walks of life – we need to come together and show solidarity and kindness towards each other because those are the only attributes that will help us get through this an extremely painful moment in our nation's history."

The 38-year-old shooter requested fellow sportspersons to speak up and not worry about the consequences.

"Sportspersons in India have been criticised for not speaking up on issues of national interest, or saying things that do not upset the establishment. This isn't a recent trend and it's hard to argue against it. I don't know what stops Indian athletes from expressing their thoughts freely, maybe it is the fear of repercussions. But I don't know why the fear would exist because sport is largely meritorious in nature. If you are good enough, nobody can stop you from competing."

The Khel Ratna Awardee also criticised the top cricketers of the country for being completely shut-off from what is going outside the Indian Premier League bio bubble. Bindra said that IPL during these gloomy times does have its own positives, but he firmly maintained that the BCCI needs to do more for society during such fearful times. Bindra expressed his concern and addressed BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, as well. "If I was the BCCI president and had the capability – and I understand the IPL is not a charity – I would definitely give a large amount to do, say, the vaccination right or help out in any other way. This is one way to acknowledge that to conduct IPL right now is a huge privilege and everyone should act responsibly," wrote Bindra.

Bindra has been very vocal about amplifying help amid the covid crisis India is reeling with. He has been active on Twitter sharing information. India is witnessing an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases during the second infectious wave of the virus. New cases of coronavirus infection in India have recorded over 3.50 lakh, taking the total tally of COVID-19 cases to 1,73,13,163 according to the Union Health Ministry data. The COVID-19 active caseload is 28,13,658 which now comprises 16.25 percent of the total infections. The worsening situation has seen a surge in the demand for medical oxygen and beds for the Covid-19 patients and many states are reporting an acute shortage in essential medical supplies. Supports are pouring in from every corner to help the country withstand the ongoing phase.

With Inputs from The Indian Express

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