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20 hours, 48 speakers - Sheerose hosts grand conference on Women in sports

20 hours, 48 speakers - Sheerose hosts grand conference on Women in sports

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Published: 3 Aug 2020 12:22 PM GMT

The Sheerose Welfare Foundation organised a one-of-its-kind Virtual Women Sports Conference ‘SHEE- TALK‘ on 1st and 2nd August 2020. The virtual conference was held with 48 speakers from all spears of sports to help the youth decide on their future by listening and watching their stars talk about their careers and where one should pay attention to.

In one of the sessions, little girls came forward and interacted with the esteemed guests. The event was appreciated for its content and the involvement of so many young girls on social media wherein the highest viewership reached 6,000 at a single session. The total viewership of the two-day reached 21,000 on social media.

Speakers at the conference Speakers at the conference

The event involved 2 days, 20 hours, 17 topics and 48 Speakers, and still, the energy is high and it is just the beginning.

The event saw speakers from across the globe like Puerto Rico, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Europe and from multiple states of India.

The topics which were discussed included Sport Smart, Sport Psychology, Menstruation, Entrepreneurship, Brands, Jobs and current Sports Role Model.

We are in this together We are in this together

The team of Sheerose which involving Madhurika Patkar, Monalisa Barua, Rinku Acharya, Smita Bodas, Neha Jain, Dipti Deshpande and Ruplai Repale, Carole Oglesby, Lilamani de Soysa, Matilda Ekhlom, Shrikant Vad, Henry Menezes, Sidharth Nigam, Sourav Ghosh & Omkar Torgalkar made a commendable contribution and to pull of the first Online Women’s Sports Conference of this magnitude. They are determined to continue this in time to come and benefit the growth of girl’s in sports.

The support came flowing from around the world from federations such as International Table Tennis Federation, Global Nomads World, HUDL well supported by Indian associations like TTFI, AIFC, SRFI, DFA, Ficci_Flo, Rotary.

Lokmat were the Media partner along with digital platforms The Bridge and Magzmumbai. A special mention goes to Vita Dani, Minal Bajaj, Rani Diwedi, Rakesh Rao (Deputy Editor- The Hindu) who got a standing ovation after his session for his practical sharing for sportspersons.

The key takeaways from the conference were:

1. Equal prize money for girls and boys as this is implemented in the international federations

2. Importance to doubles segment of games as well. Right guidance for a better prospect to win medals in doubles games.

3. Early start to sports so that individuals can peak early and can perform better at the international level.

4. Focus on the process

5. Watching and analysis of matches of possible opponents

6. Importance of training abroad with the best

7. Keep the perseverance whether you rise or fall.

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