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From East to West: T10 Sports lets you achieve on and off the field

Team clothing, school wear, business wear, and an extensive selection of clients are provided by T10 Sports. The organization provides global value encounters to sports communities globally and has over thirty years of expertise in the field

From East to West: T10 Sports lets you achieve on and off the field

(Image Credits: West point Sikkim Sarathi Run /IG)


Subhajit Mazumdar

Updated: 12 March 2024 11:52 AM GMT

T10 Sports offers many clients, including online brand shops, team wear, school wear, and corporate wear. With more than thirty years of experience in the field, the company offers global value experiences to sports communities worldwide.

Clientele spans the globe, with notable collaborations with the national cricket teams of Oman, Kuwait, and other developing nations, as well as the Punjab Kings of the Indian Premier League. T10 Sports, besides expertise in cricket, is interested in partnering in the running, cycling, and retail spaces.

Currently, T10 Sports is associated with the following sporting events:

Sikkim Marathon

The inaugural India marathon honoring "Sarathis," the unsung heroes of the roads, is called the West Point Sikkim Sarathi Run. On February 18, 2024, West Point Gangtok hosted an event intending to honor and recognize the significant contribution that Sarathis made to Sikkim's tourism sector. The Chalak Welfare Board is one of the State Government's efforts that demonstrated their dedication to the welfare of Sarathis. With multiple categories and large runner prize money, the marathon also promoted Sikkim as a developing running destination. It aimed to unite people for this special cause even after the finish line by highlighting how much we all appreciate Sarathis.

The 10-kilometer West Point Sarathi Run aimed to promote fitness in the state and honor drivers in Sikkim. There were separate runs for men and women that began at West Point and ended at the main venue in Burtuk. US racers and international runners from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nepal participated.

The Chief Minister, Krishna Rai, and their daughter, Prakriya Tamang, participated in a 3-kilometer fun run that was part of the celebration. The 3-kilometer Fun Run started in the West location, went around MG Marg once, and then returned to the starting location. For the exciting marathon on the hills, T10 Sports designed wearables for the participants and committee members of the West Point Sikkim Sarathi Run.

Tata Ultramarathon

An inspiring example of this extraordinary human spirit was the TATA Ultramarathon 2024, which took place in Lonavala, India, on February 25, 2024. Every year, participants in this human endurance event competed and went on a journey of self-discovery that had a lasting effect on everyone.

A unique opportunity to test one's mettle and push oneself to the utmost in style was provided by the TATA Ultramarathon. Personalized jerseys allowed runners to show off their uniqueness, and T10 Sports, the official gear partner, was instrumental in making this possible. Seeing such a diverse group of athletes, donning their personalized T10 jerseys, and completing the complex route was very satisfying for our company.

World Athletics approved TATA as the title sponsoring authority for this event. Conversely, Striders offered fitness instruction in over 65 venues and 23 cities around India. They assembled a team of 80 committed Trainers specifically for this marathon. Over 45,000 retail clients and more than 100,000 employees across many organizations have received training from Striders. Tata Gluco served as the hydration associate. Tata Gluco+ is a reasonably priced option for on-the-go hydration.

All those who witnessed the event will be motivated to wear their passion with pride as the memories of the runners' unwavering tenacity, their communion with nature, and the spirit of camaraderie that pervaded the event fade!

Asian Track Cycling Championship

The Asian Track Cycling Championships, which took place in New Delhi from February 21 to 26, featured several Olympians and world champions among its 500 competitors, 42 Indians. Affiliated with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), and Union Cycliste International (UCI), the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) is a trailblazer in the promotion of cycling sports in India. CFI is the only organization authorized by the Indian government's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to advance cycling as a sport in the country.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Activities, Government of India, has recognized the Cycling Federation of India, which was established to encourage and govern cycling activities in the country. The organization is in charge of creating, advancing, and overseeing bicycle-related activities across the nation. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), cycling's worldwide regulatory body, recognized the CFI when it was founded in 1946. Road racing, track cycling, mountain biking, and other cycling-related sports are among the many national and international cycling competitions that the CFI hosts. As an official sportswear sponsor, T10 Sports designs unique products to meet the mission of the event and maintain the objective of CFI. It also oversees the selection and training of Indian cyclists for key international events including the World Championship, Olympics, Asian Games, and Commonwealth Games.

The official clothing provider for the Indian cycling squad, the Cycling Federation of India, is T10 Sports. Unique and eye-catching designs for plans specifically for the event assist in drawing in sponsors for the athletic event, which enables T10 Sports to work with numerous national and international sports organizations.

To know more visit T10 Sports.

Round Glass FC

Amidst the global halt brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, RoundGlass Sports has taken steps to own Punjab FC, formerly Minerva Punjab FC. After Bajaj sold the new owners a 50% share, the team was formally renamed Punjab FC, and on March 17, 2020, RoundGlass Sports officially acquired the remaining 50% ownership.

Following a 4-0 victory against Rajasthan United, RoundGlass Punjab FC was proclaimed the 2022–23 I-League winners, securing their promotion to the Indian Super League (ISL). On Saturday, RoundGlass Punjab defeated Rajasthan FC 4-0 to win the I-League championship and go to the Indian Super League.

Round Glass FC collaborates with T10 Sports giving the players access to premium apparel. Along with Tau Devi Lal Stadium, it serves as the home venue of the ISL team RoundGlass Punjab FC. There is an 8-lane synthetic track available, with seating for 30,000 spectators.

A week ago, RoundGlass Punjab and Sreenidi tied for the most points; however, the Deccan Warriors have dropped five points in their last two games and failed to duplicate their home performance away from home. The North Indians have won five straight games, including a 3-1 victory over Churchill Brothers and an 8-0 thumping of Sudeva Delhi.

On an additional note, In the MLC's inaugural season finals, Microsoft CEO and co-owner of the Seattle Orcas, Satya Nadella, tossed the "first ball" while wearing an Orcas jersey from T10 Sports.

T10 Sports was the official sportswear sponsor of the SKF Goa River Marathon where the event meets the eye. Recognition of the dynamic Goan spirit, community, and sportsmanship needed to wear passion with SKF apparel that is only available at T10 Sports.

On another side, The inaugural 28th Senior & 14th Junior Asian Mountain Bike Cycling Championships take place in India, amidst the breathtaking splendor of God's nation. Being the official gear partner of the event, T10 Sports is ecstatic.

T10 Sports is emerging in the sports world by designing different event-specific wearables that help the event visualize uniqueness. Overall discussion states that T10 Sports is the official partner of different sports events happening throughout India. It includes marathon to bike championships and maintained huge diversity in its products as well. The dynamic approach of T10 Sports enhanced their presence in national and international sports events which reflect as well sponsored grand events.

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