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PKL 2021 LIVE: Day 30 - Gujarat, Bengal wins - Updates, Results, Scores, Blog

Follow us for all the LIVE updates from Day 30 of PKL 2021.

Rakesh HS Gujarat Giants Surjeet Tamil Thalaivas

Rakesh HS and Surjeet 


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 20 Jan 2022 4:23 PM GMT

Welcome to The Bridge's LIVE blog from Day 30 of Pro Kabaddi League 2021

It is the final day of the first half of PKL 2021 and all the teams will complete 11 matches - half of their league stage matches, in the next few hours. We will move to the second leg of reverse contests with the Bengaluru Bulls taking on the Bengal Warriors after a late change in schedule.

PKL 2021 Day 30 Schedule

Tamil Thalaivas v/s Gujarat Giants - 7:30 pm IST

Bengaluru Bulls v/s Bengal Warriors - 8:30 pm IST

Stay tuned for all the latest updates!

Live Updates

  • 20 Jan 2022 4:22 PM GMT

    Thank you for joining in!

    That's all we have in the evening during which we witnessed something which would be talked about for years to come. Nabibakhsh was not sure if he had gone to the lobby, he just took a punt and it paid off for the Warriors.

    Surely, this is not the last time you are gonna hear of this.


    Tamil Thalaivas 35-37 Gujarat Giants

    Bengaluru Bulls 39-40 Bengal Warriors

  • 20 Jan 2022 4:20 PM GMT

    Bengal Warriors WINSSS!

    The Bengaluru Bulls had this in the bag, but a massive defensive blunder has cost them this match. This loss and that particular review will haunt them for years to come.

    But that review, on the other hand, has propelled the Warriors to number 4 in the points table!


  • 20 Jan 2022 4:08 PM GMT

    5 minutes left

    5 minutes left in the contest and the Warriors are in the driver's seat now. The Bulls are yet to recover from that blow and they continue to gift points away.


  • 20 Jan 2022 4:00 PM GMT


    The final Bull standing - Chandran Ranjith is tackled, and the Bulls have been wiped out of nowhere. This is gonna hurt them a lot. Can they recover from this blow with just 10 minutes remaining?

    Bulls 29-32 Warriors

  • 20 Jan 2022 3:59 PM GMT



    Nabibakhsh is the lone man standing for the Warriors and he goes for a raid. He gets a bonus and Chandran Ranjith goes into the lobby without a touch.

    A block attempt comes from the other side of the Bulls defence, but Nabibakhsh too has gone into the lobby without a touch. The remaining SIX defenders follow him to the lobby.

    8 POINT RAID FOR THE WARRIORS, but it's not an all-out as Nabibakhsh is out as well. Nabib being out means Chandran Ranjith gets to stay on the mat, as he was the one first out.

    Even after this stunning raid, the lead is just one point for the Warriors.


  • 20 Jan 2022 3:49 PM GMT


    How does he do it? He looked nowhere near his best in first half, but have managed to turn it around. HOWWWWW?


  • 20 Jan 2022 3:48 PM GMT

    Warriors down to 3

    Pawan Sehrawat is back to his usual self and the Warriors are crumbling now. They have no clue what has hit them.

  • 20 Jan 2022 3:45 PM GMT


    Pawan Sehrawat is off and running and so are the Bengaluru Bulls. Much like the entire season so far, the Bulls have found their form magically after the break.


  • 20 Jan 2022 3:42 PM GMT

    Warriors down to 2!

    Pawan Sehrawat is back. He comes with a stunning jump and returns with two touchpoints. The Warriors are down to 2 men!

  • 20 Jan 2022 3:34 PM GMT


    End of the first half. 20 minutes dominated by the defenders. Both teams have done their homework well and both Maninder and Pawan have been kept woefully quiet.

    Maninder has been tackled four times in 20 minutes, while Pawan has been sent out thrice.


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