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Gymnastics: Simone Biles wins bronze on last day of Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles, has returned from her break and will try her luck at a medal for the last time in Tokyo!

Gymnast Simone Biles at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Getty)
Gymnast Simone Biles at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Getty)

Aditi Gandhi

Updated: 2021-08-03T15:29:35+05:30

Welcome to The Bridge's LIVE blog for Gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics. Today is the last day of Artistic Gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics and the GOAT has arrived! Simone Biles will try her luck at an individual Olympic medal for the first time in Tokyo!

Stay tuned for all the updates and drama!

The final starts at 2:20pm IST!

Live Updates

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:33 AM GMT

    Love seeing the camaraderie among the gymnasts in Tokyo. So nice to see everyone greeting and hugging each other and cheering for each other. Love to see it

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:32 AM GMT

    Flavia Saraiva from Brazil next: 

    she is amazing on this event. 

    good mount, acro series and NOOOO she touches the beam. UGH tears. She does not look happy, I mean, figures. 

    A few wobbles, she is very jumpy on the beam, rushing some landings. A good recovery towards the end though. Lovely double pike dismount - but a fall means she will not challenge for a medal unfortunately

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:30 AM GMT

    Looks like Urazova definitely lost the acro series point - is credited with a lower difficulty score of 5.0

    Gets a 12.733

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:29 AM GMT

    The acro series must have a flight element which means gymnasts must perform a salto without hands in combination to get credited for an acro series. If they fail to do so, they lose 0.5

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:28 AM GMT

    Vladislava Urazova up next form ROC:

    nice mount, acros series WHOOPS she missed her layout and did three backflips instead. A couple of wobbles in the connections too. Great turns. Big wobble on the aerial as well. She didn't quite get the acro series connection - which may cause her a place for the medal

    Lovely dismount nonetheless

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:25 AM GMT

    Scores a 13.733 - yup - not enough to contest for the medals

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:25 AM GMT

    She is a very petite gymnast! But so much power which is always great

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:24 AM GMT

    She probably won't score high enough for the gold - but could manage a bronze maybe?

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:23 AM GMT

    Ashikawa Hiraiwa Japan up next: She actually came from the reserve spot!

    nice mount, easy clean acro series, she has a great flow to this routine. Wow she lands like a cat on the beam - not a sound. Great acro and dance skills in the middle

    oops - big wobble on her switch ring leap. great double turn

    Just the dismount now - YES! nice dismount

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:21 AM GMT

    Also, a VERY sparkly leotard she is wearing today- so shiny

    Suni gets a 13.866

    look at that save from Suni Lee. I am telling gymnasts have the STROGNEST toes!

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