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Gymnastics: Simone Biles wins bronze on last day of Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles, has returned from her break and will try her luck at a medal for the last time in Tokyo!

Gymnast Simone Biles at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Getty)
Gymnast Simone Biles at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Getty)

Aditi Gandhi

Updated: 3 Aug 2021 9:59 AM GMT

Welcome to The Bridge's LIVE blog for Gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics. Today is the last day of Artistic Gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics and the GOAT has arrived! Simone Biles will try her luck at an individual Olympic medal for the first time in Tokyo!

Stay tuned for all the updates and drama!

The final starts at 2:20pm IST!

Live Updates

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:56 AM GMT

    Victory ceremony with the Titanic vibes again. 

    And that's a wrap from the Ariake Gymnastics Centre in Tokyo and me, Aditi Gandhi, from my home in Mumbai!

    Keep watching gymnastics, keep dreaming and never give up - if the Olympics have taught us anything - it is that! And don't forget to smile!

    Keep a watch out on The Bridge for some post Olympic articles!

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:45 AM GMT

    What an amazing way to end Women's gymnastics at the Olympics. 

    Very stressful but very satisfying!

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:44 AM GMT

    All the officials congratulating Simone now. Looks like they want to be on her good side haha. Just kidding. 

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:42 AM GMT

    China goes gold and silver and Simone wins the bronze. 

    Although it is just the bronze, considering everything Simone has gone through, this probably may the most important and treasured medal of her career!

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:41 AM GMT



    haha, she was so confused looking up and she still looks completely shocked. Wow, what a moment for her

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:40 AM GMT

    Chenchen removing a BUNCH of tape off her legs

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:38 AM GMT

    Who would have thought - the Chinese would be the most stable out of everyone in the beam final. 

    They usually struggle with consistency!

    Ah Chenchen beam is just incredible, she came here only for this and did NOT disappoint!!

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:37 AM GMT

    The most anticipated performer:

    She's tiny but an absolute dynamite. 

    lovely start, acro series - slight wobble. Misses the leap series but recovers well. Acro series 2 - YES! very clean. Amazing connection in the middle wow. She is so amazing!

    Just the dismount now - double pike YES!! almost stuck

    OH MY GOD i am crying

  • 3 Aug 2021 9:34 AM GMT

    Guan Chenchen is NEXT, last up, the TOP qualifier!

    Saraiva with a 13.133

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