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The Role that commentators play in sports

The Role that commentators play in sports

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Updated: 11 Oct 2021 7:20 AM GMT

Are you an avid sports fan who loves watching or streaming live games or playing online games on platforms like Joker123? Then, you'll know just how much sports commentators contribute to the enjoyment and feel of the game, both online and offline.

What many people don't know is just how crucial this role is and how difficult it is to perform. A sports commentator does more than relate what's happening on the court or field.

Greats such as Brits David Coleman, Des Lynam, Claire Balding, and Gabby Logan and Americans Al Michaels, Jim Nantz, and Kevin Harlan have proven that it takes incredible skill, deduction, stamina, and knowledge to be a sports commentator.

So, what exactly do sports commentators contribute to the game? Keep reading to the end to find out.

The Role Sports Commentators Play in Sports

Game Knowledge

Sports commentators must understand and know the rules of their game and be knowledgeable of current trends and events in the sports world.

Many sports commentators are former players or coaches. Famous examples include:

· Boris Becker (tennis)

· Colin Jackson (athletics)

· Gary Lineker (football)

· John McEnroe (tennis)

· Magic Johnson (basketball)

· Phil Tufnell (cricket)

· Tony Romo (American football)

CBS's Tony Romo is famous for his analytical ability to predict advanced plays due to his skill and knowledge of proven strategies. Gary Lineker is an excellent footballer and former English football team captain renowned for his insight into tough international football matches.

Analysis Skills and Deduction

Another crucial skill a sports broadcaster should have involves deducing events and remaining calm no matter the surprises that occur. How sports commentators handle disruptive incidents can change the whole trajectory and feel of the game and lead to fans switching off.

Whether it's an injury to a player, bad weather, or a safety issue such as fans storming the field, the ability to think quickly and provide valuable and informative commentary during the disruption is a rare skill that successful sports commentators must possess in spades.

Voice and Commentating Style

The best attribute of any sports commentator is their voice and commentating style. Sports commentators must be relaxed, confident, and engaging both on and off camera.

Famous sports commentator teams such as the all-time great NBC duo Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth and the BBC duo Des Lynam and Sir David Frost provide one-of-a-kind commentary that keeps fans watching. This interactivity, engagement, and ability to keep sports fans entertained wherever they are rakes in millions for their networks in advertisement revenue and other endorsements.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, without sports commentators, watching or live-streaming sporting events would not be as engaging for fans. Sports commentators provide information, color, analysis, mood, suspense, and much more.

The role of a sports commentator has become even more essential due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has made attending live games next to impossible. For fans, watching sports on TV or gaming platforms like Joker123 is the only reliable option. Sports commentators play a vital role in making the experience a fulfilling one.

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