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Technosport Funding: Revolutionizing the Athletic Wear Industry

Technosport grew from a small team in 2007 to securing $21 million in funding, Discover how their commitment has led to the expansion across 15 states with over 5,000 retail stores across the country.

Technosport Funding: Revolutionizing the Athletic Wear Industry

Muskan Babel

Updated: 26 Jun 2024 8:04 AM GMT

The humble journey of Technosport began in 2007 with a small office and only six members on the team. Over the years, the brand has built an impressive road to success. Techno Sportswear has efficiently secured $21 million in funding from A91 Partners. This investment marks an important moment for a growing brand known for its commitment to combining comfort and performance in sportswear.

Technosport's high-quality products and affordable prices make it a customer favorite, with the company reporting 50% growth over the last two years, selling 12 million garments annually, and keeping a presence across 15 states with over 5,000 retail stores across the country. Technosport currently sells 5000+ daily orders through its online business.

Sumit Santhalia, Co-Founder of Technosport revealed ambitious plans to establish 100 EBO's nationwide in the coming years, drastically increasing the brand’s accessibility.

One of the key USPs of Technosport is their elegant design and unique combination of specially developed technology and premium fabric, both of which are currently not available at reasonable prices in the activewear market.

Innovation is at the core of Technosport's DNA, and the fresh funding allows the brand to maintain manufacturing capabilities focused on digital brand creation and marketing efforts while also expanding sales and distribution channels to reach a wider audience.

“This investment represents our confidence in their ability to disrupt and significantly expand the activewear market and create meaningful impact,” Abhay Pandey, General Partner of A91 Partners added.

As we look to the future of athletic wear, Technosport’s funding milestone marks a significant turning point in which the brand will be able to completely transform the athletic wear industry and establish new standards for premium quality, innovation, and accessibility. It also puts technosport in a position to maintain its solid, innovative edge in the fast-paced sports era.

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