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"Hyderabad track good, but should make changes," says Formula E racer Dan Ticktum

"If we come here next year, then they should make some changes and have a proper chicane with tyre walls and make it slower," he commented.

Hyderabad track good, but should make changes, says Formula E racer Dan Ticktum

Dan Ticktum (Source: Motorsport Magazine)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 10 Feb 2023 2:51 PM GMT

The Hyderabad ePrix, Formula E's debut race in India, is all upon us, which includes NIO 333 team's driver Dan Ticktum. The racer is certainly excited to drive in the country, but is wary of the challenges the new track may pose.

"Very good, actually (on Hyderabad track). It's very fast and flowing. Usually, the tracks tend to stop-start, lot of 90 degree corners. There's just a nice flow here, looking forward to it," Ticktum told The Bridge. However, the Brit hopes certain changes are made to the Hyderabad track.

Many drivers have reservations about the Turn 1 and Turn 2 of the track, and Dan belongs to this school of thought. ""Yeah, the curves are a bit difficult for me. We have a couple of sessions today, and the driver's briefing, so might have time to make a couple of changes, but I doubt anything will change. I don't know what the rules are, whether we are allowed to use the white line or the curve.

If we come here next year, then they should make some changes and have a proper chicane with tyre walls and make it slower," he commented.

The city of Nizams is currently touching temperatures of around 35°C, which is really hot for many of the foreign drivers participating in the Hyderabad ePrix. For Dan, it isn't much of a bother.

"I like it personally (hot weather). It doesn't change much but for the tyres. We need to figure out a strategy whether to do a prep lap with them in qualifying tomorrow," the racer said.

Since this will be the first time many of the drivers will race on this particular track, it may challenging to come in with a fleshed-out strategy tailored for it. The key, however, is to comparing the new track to existing ones.

"From the simulations back in the factory, we find similarities with other tracks, and then you can predict it. Unless you drive on the track, it's tough to gather much data," an honest Dan said.

Ticktum collected his first points of the ninth season of Formula E championship in its third round back in Diriyah. Unfortunately, the British racer believes that points will be tough to come by this time.

"I don't think points are going to be a regular occurence as we aren't much efficient. Maybe I can get in the top 5 with a good lap and try to stay in the top 10 to get some points," he concluded.

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