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'Excited to drive in India', Formula E driver Dan Ticktum

British Driver Dan Ticktum is excited to race in India for the first-ever Formula E race happening in Hyderabad.

Excited to drive in India, Formula E driver Dan Ticktum

Dan Ticktum will drive for the NIO 33 Formula E Team in the Hyderabad ePrix. (source: Twitter)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 10 Feb 2023 4:17 PM GMT

Formula E will make its way to India for the first time ever with a race scheduled to be held in Hyderabad on February 11 next year. This will put India back on the motorsports map after the cancellation of the Formula One Indian Grand Prix in 2014.

India will host the fourth round of the ninth Formula E Championship season. This race will mean that the Indian racing team in the championship, Mahindra Racing will race in front of their home crowd for the first time.

The race will feature some of the prominent names of the Formula E circuit such as Stoffel Vandoorne, Mitch Evans, Dan Ticktum and many more.

Talking about the excitement to race in the circuit, British Driver Dan Ticktum said, "I am pretty excited to race in India. I visited India when I was a kid and I can't wait to go back. The expansion of Formula E to countries like India will boost the sport. It is a very historic moment for India and it will be great to engage with fans."

Dan, who drives for NIO 33 Formula E team has been around the F1 circuit for quite some time before switching to Formula E. Talking about the difference between a fuel car and an electric car Dan said, "It has a big difference. Not having gears is quite a strange thing for a race driver. For most of my career, I had gears in the car I was driving but in Formula E there are no gears. Changing gears is second nature for any driver."

"In Formula E everything's done on the throttle. You can't use the gears to regulate the torque. In some places, if you're struggling with traction, you would do a short shift and go into a higher gear to, have less torque and make the exit easier. So the difference is quite dynamic," he added further.

The ninth season of Formula E will also see the introduction of Gen 3 cars and the complete removal of Gen 2 cars.

"Formula 1 and Formula E are completely different. While you are on the Formula 1 ladder, you try to get up and the higher up you get, it is very stressful, to be honest. You forget to enjoy yourself. In Formula E, I enjoy myself and it is fun with street circuits around and all the strategies involved with the team. Formula E has a strong grid and sometimes it is okay if things don't work out for you," Dan concluded with a smile about his switch from F1 to Formula E.

Indian racing star Jehan Daruvala will also be around as the reserve driver of Formula E team Mahindra Racing as he made the switch from F2 to Formula E last year. The ePrix at Hyderabad is going to be a treat for Indian fans and probably another hope for the revival of motorsports in India.

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