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Wild Warrior OCR 2023 unveiling diversity in Indian Obstacle Course Racing

Wild Warrior OCR 2023 is a dynamic world of fitness where inclusivity thrives alongside athletic excellence. The OCR National Championship enjoyed the vibrant Wild Warrior carnival and met the triumphant champions.

Wild Warrior OCR 2023 unveiling diversity in Indian Obstacle Course Racing

Wild Warrior OCR 2023


Deepa Ramasubramanian

Updated: 7 Sep 2023 9:05 AM GMT

Wild Warrior OCR 2023, held on August 27th in Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu, marked an exciting chapter in India's world of obstacle course racing (OCR). This event was a splendid fusion of the Wild Warrior Carnival and OCR National Championship, showcasing fierce competition and a celebration of diversity and fitness enthusiasts coming together.

Wild Warrior, India's leading adventure and obstacle racing brand, has been at the forefront of this thrilling movement. Founded in late 2017 by Somdev Devvarman, Vikram Aditya Menon, Arun Karthik, and Varun Gunaseelan, Wild Warrior has organized over 40 races across three countries in the past four years.

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a rapidly growing mass participation sport worldwide. Participants run a set distance, in this case, 3km, for the national championship while conquering a myriad of obstacles, such as crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing, carrying, pulling, pushing, swinging, and hanging. It's the ultimate test of endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, power, and strength.

Winners of the Wild Warrior OCR 2023

The Wild Warrior Carnival, an integral part of the OCR Championship, transformed the event into a dynamic festival. It featured live music, delectable food stalls, mesmerizing performances, DJ beats, and engaging fitness workshops. It offered a holistic experience, transcending mere athletic competition.

The OCR National Championship, the core of the event, provided a platform for athletes to display their mettle. It encapsulated the essence of inclusivity with categories for men, women, and kids. A total prize pool exceeding Rs. 60,000 served as an enticing reward for the champions.

One of the most remarkable aspects of OCR is its inclusivity. Athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite professionals, can partake in OCR events. It's a comprehensive fitness test that combines running with military-inspired challenges, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of participants.

From fitness enthusiasts, army men, surfers, and even former Roadies contestants to civilians, homemakers, families, corporates, and anyone seeking adventure which consisted of a diverse group of individuals dedicated a day to fitness. The Wild Warriors OCR was also graced by a spirited group of little warriors who fearlessly took on the race.

As the sun set on Wild Warrior OCR 2023, champions emerged in various categories, embodying the spirit of competition and fitness. Here are the winners:

16-19 Age Category Girls:

1st Ameya Ramdas, 2nd Avanthika, 3rd Jayashree

16-19 Age Category Boys:

1st Sriram, 2nd Sampreeth, 3rd Keshav Khorana

35+ Age Category Women:

1st Kalpi, 2nd Deepal, 3rd Aishwarya

35+ Age Category Men:

1st Hari Kumar, 2nd Abbas, 3rd Danny

Women's Category:

1st Sanjana George, 2nd Mallika Fernades, 3rd Anushaswamy, 4th Rathika, 5th Zahabiya

Men's Category:

1st Rishav Karki, 2nd Sunil Phogat, 3rd Sanjay Negi, 4th Sekar, 5th Shreyas Rao

The Wild Warrior OCR 2023 was more than just a sporting event; it was a celebration of fitness, inclusivity, and the indomitable spirit of athletes from diverse backgrounds. It sets the stage for an even more exciting future for OCR in India.

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