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Top 7 Hindi songs you can listen to while running

Top 7 Hindi songs you can listen to while running

C.C. Chengappa

Published: 8 Feb 2021 9:50 AM GMT

Whether it be a warmup or achieving the ‘runners high’ that so many of us wish to attain, there are enough and more choices amongst Hindi music for first time and experienced runners to choose from to keep their physical and mental motivation going. We take a look at some popular music choices that can double up as running accompaniments.

Chak De India

This iconic song was accompanied with images of the women’s Hockey team jogging in and around central Delhi on a winter morning. It definitely provides for necessary visual stimulation but along with a good running accompaniment, it can be a boost for those amongst us who find it tough to get out of bed early morning. It is from one of the few inspirational movies that Bollywood has produced and its music accompaniments are perfect both on and off the jogging track.

Lakshya- Kandhon Se Milte hai Kandhe

This is a perfect song to sing along while going for a light jog or a long distance run not just because of its perky tune, but also cause of the poetic nature of the lyrics. Of course, the ‘ Army vibes’ that it gives out is one that many people have loved given the nature of the song and its relevance. However, this can be perfect for anything the runner might wish to do from an obstacle course to a long distance jog.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu- Cocktail

A song that can best be used during a pre run warm up to wake the body up from a slumber or shirk of those hard working office shoulders. The mind body connect is something that is critical before a run begins given that running is a great source of mental distraction. Tumi Ho Bandu definitely keeps the body going and gives you that necessary mindset to start a run and keep the pump going.

Pichle Saat Dino Mein

Running becomes quite tiring after a while and it is true that managing ones breath is crucial especially in long distances. Rock On and in particular Pichle Saat Dino Mein, will give the necessary pump to continue on and maybe give that extra 100m a final push. Farhan Akhtar can in fact double up as a trainer himself given that he manages to reach great scales during the song and will keep you running till you can no more.


A mellow song that one might stereotype with college trips and ‘chill vibes’, the introduction to the song with brilliant guitaring can keep up the adrenalin rush that many of us seem to lose a short while after beginning a run. Singing along is possible although it is not advisable given that running would be a priority. Sticking to the beat of the song is enough to get that continual ‘runners high’ that many of us dream about.

Jai Ho -Slum Dog Millionaire

Another song that needs no introduction, Jai Ho is everything a motivation workout song can be. This would ideally be something that one can listen to during a sprint session or a highly intensive cardio session given that frequent workout breaks can be distracting. It can be the perfect external stimulus for a continual pump in between and during tough High intensity cardio sessions.

It’s The Time To Disco

A classic for all millennials. It is one song that does not age at all and continues to be popular at modern day wedding sangeets and parties. Dancing too is a form of cardio and if you feel like making it to the dance floor every time this song plays, running too should be no problem in any sense. A song for all workouts and runs, it keeps the momentum going and is highly recommended for Bollywood Buffs looking to add this to their playlist.

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