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LetsUp app launches free e-book, The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle by Luke Coutinho & Shilpa Shetty Kundra

LetsUp app launches free e-book, The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle by Luke Coutinho & Shilpa Shetty Kundra

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Published: 4 Feb 2021 4:21 PM GMT

India’s first infotainment app, LetsUp, founded by Narendra Firodia launches free e-book ‘The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle’ by Luke Coutinho and Shilpa Shetty Kundra, in Hindi.

Foreword written by Ayushman Khuranna and the english version published by Buuks, this book talks about simple lifestyle changes that one can make to lead a healthy and sustainable life. Launched in July 2020, the free english e-book had over 70,000 downloads in 4 months.

LetsUp has materialised Luke’s vision of reaching several regional markets by releasing a hindi version of the e-book ‘The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle’. The book is a gift from Luke Coutinho & Shilpa Shetty to India and the world.

Following the purpose of presenting the public with genuine news and data in regional languages, LetsUp is partnering with several industry experts and regional content creators from all industry facets to create their own channel within the app.

Narendra Firodia says, “With LetsUp our vision is to empower & enable regional content creators to share hyperlocal news and take the content of global influencers to our regional audience. In India , 67% of our population consume content in their regional language and with Luke’s content being available in hindi , more and more people will have access to lifestyle changes and its benefits.”

The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle by Luke Coutinho & Shilpa Shetty Kundra, in Hindi The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle by Luke Coutinho & Shilpa Shetty Kundra, in Hindi

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Luke Coutinho has always believed in the body’s mechanism to heal itself when presented with holistic lifestyle changes. With a vision to spread his knowledge and help create awareness , Luke has taken a step forward with LetsUp to have his videos , blogs & now his book available in hindi. Speaking of this engagement Luke Coutinho says , “It’s been amazing to see that my content is now available to a larger audience that can benefit from it , through the LetsUp platform. Shilpa & I created this book in the midst of the pandemic, as our gift for India & the world. We are super thrilled that it will now be available in hindi. We would urge people to follow these simple lifestyle tips and help us grow into a healthier country & world.”

Actress , Fitness Icon & Co-author of the book Shilpa Shetty Kundra says “"I'm so excited to bring our book to a larger audience. I wanted to help people so that they can learn more about making simple lifestyle changes and lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Since our book is now going to be available in Hindi, it's going to help more and more people who will have access to these health benefits."

To download the free e-book, click here.

About LetsUp App

LetsUp is an Infotainment (Information + Entertainment) Platform where you can expect regular updates on local, national, international news on technology, entertainment, tips & tricks, motivation, lifestyle & much more, that too, completely FREE!

It is India's first whatsApp based digital magazine, which now can be availed on all-in-one mobile app. LetsUp App provides fastest updates of happenings across the world, along with hyperlocal content about jobs, health, relationships and much more on the easiest and fastest growing mobile platforms, Android & iOS.

LetsUp App is a product of Hope Technologies, which is promoted by Narendra Firodia, who has a keen interest in investing and promoting upcoming startups.

To download the Letsup App give a missed call to 7030700700

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