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'Lack of time' prevents kids, adults to exercise: PUMA-Nielsen survey

The report reveals only 20% of urban Indian adults meet the WHO-recommended 150 minutes or more of physical exercise on a weekly basis.

Lack of time prevents kids, adults to exercise: PUMA-Nielsen survey

The Bridge Desk

Published: 27 March 2023 9:17 AM GMT

A one-of-a-kind sports-focused survey, by sports brand PUMA India and reputed research & analytics firm Nielsen Sports, has unearthed startling insights that indicate a huge lag in inspiration in the country to pursue physical fitness, even as India is witnessing a growth in the adoption of sports culture.

The exclusive study was conducted to deep dive into the nation’s perception and extent of participation in sports and fitness activities among adults and kids in the country.

The PUMA-Nielsen sports survey was conducted across 16 cities, with 4280 respondents aged from 18-65 years of age (including parents of kids aged between 6-18).

The PUMA – Nielsen report stated:

  • In the last 12 months, 68% of adults in Urban India claimed to have participated in fitness-related activities.
  • Only 20% of adults in urban India meet the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended index of a minimum of 150-300 minutes of physical exercise per week.
  • Kids spend a mere 86 minutes of the WHO-recommended 420 minutes or more on an average per week. Shockingly, this is lesser than that of Adults who invest 101 minutes of fitness activity per week.
  • Kids in the East region spend the most time playing sport & fitness (125 minutes per week), vs the West at lowest average (68 mins)
  • Direct correlation was found between Kids with high sports participation and improved academic performance.
  • Among Adults that exercised in the last 12 months, more Females (42%) participated in sports & fitness related activities on a daily basis than Males (36%).
  • Adults with high sports participation are likely to exhibit more positive emotions than adults in general by 21%.
  • Yoga (37%), Jogging (29%), Running (28%) and Cricket (28%) are the most actively participated sports & fitness related activities by adults, in the last 12 months.
  • 54% adults prefer self-guided workouts post pandemic.
  • Both kids and adults listed 'Lack of Time' as the primary barrier to participating in sports and physical activities, followed by other challenges such as lack of facilities and high cost.

The shocking report, which is part of PUMA’s sports-focused study on the ‘Let There Be Sport’ initiative, has emerged as the catalyst for the country’s leading sports brand to become the driver of change and champion the cause of prioritising sport and fitness in the country.

An infographic on the survey's findings

Based on the report findings, PUMA launched the ‘Let There Be Sport’ campaign featuring Virat Kohli, MC Mary Kom and Sunil Chetri today to question the conventional mindset that sports is a digression from academics. The brand affirmed to champion the cause of sport and advocate it as a life skill.

The movement comes with the aim to disband the word ‘extra’ used typically for the subject of sport and integrate it into the main curriculum of educational institutions across the country.

Nielson Sports has a history of presenting a clear and comprehensive picture of the sporting landscape and its association with PUMA to bring out this revolutionary report, is a game-changer for the upliftment of sports in the country.

Under the new campaign, PUMA also released a Digital Film today featuring its brand ambassadors Virat Kohli, MC Mary Kom, Sunil Chhetri, Avani Lekhara, to Bhagwani Devi and everyday athletes.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather India, the 90-second film launched on PUMA India’s social handles on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, captured the archetypal need to call sport an extra-curricular activity, and in turn advocated the increased adoption of sports culture to foster the overall development of the nation.

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