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How to choose the right songs for your workout playlist

How to choose the right songs for your workout playlist

Suraj Iyer

Published: 12 Dec 2020 2:19 PM GMT

Many believe that having a workout playlist helps them push during the enduring moments of exercise. However, according to a research study in untrained men and women, music did not show any increase or decrease in physical performance during exercise. But science may ignore that music might be the driving factor for many people to exercise. Zumba is a music driven exercise format that helps one have fun and burn calories at the same time.

Workout Playlist: Choosing the right songs

But how does one choose the right songs for a workout playlist? This comes down to a person’s preference of exercise, as musical tempo varies from being a relaxing aid to providing high intensity bursts of energy. So here are some criteria for most major forms of physical activity which can help you pick the right music for a workout playlist.


The definition of Running may vary from person to person. Though every fitness enthusiast needs their dose of cardio, running for some might mean a relaxing jog or an endurance run that tests the physical and mental limits, to something that has a high intensity nature like sprints. So here are the types of music that should be in your running playlist.


Endurance runs and relaxing jogs should have songs that are fun to listen to and keep the momentum of the run going. Slow runs are about being in the moment while pushing the possible limits of the body and mind, thus it is advised that one should avoid high tempo songs.


Sprints demand a high pace and high effort with no compromise for a short duration. During this time, high tempo songs from metal or hip hop genres might help one get the heart racing and in the right mindset to take off and set a new personal record.

Strength Training

Strength training ranges from callisthenics to free weights and everything that makes the muscles work hard. A person’s tendency to push themselves hard is high during these workouts as one might aim for setting a one rep max lift, or simply power through a difficult workout. Listening to electronic music, motivational lyrics and moderate intensity beats can help in keeping the mind focus and heart rate stable to successfully finish a workout.


Yoga is a relaxing way of getting to know the body and mind. Contrary to other forms of exercise where exercise demands capability from the body, yoga is about pushing the body’s limits as long as it is comfortable. Low intensity, relaxing music or sounds of nature are ideal for yoga as they help one flow into a stretch without compromising on mindset. Being present and improving flexibility are the primary focus on yoga, which is why music that helps one remain present is ideal.

Though research might say that music does not help one during exercise, a workout playlist is a part of the gym kit for many fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Music is a motivating factor and having the right music can help one finish a workout on those days when exercise is the last thing in mind.

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