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"Fitness is the core requirement in obstacle course racing," says Wild Warrior enthusiast Rajashekhar Pachai

The first civilian from Tamil Nadu to scale Mt. Everest, Rajashekhar Pachai talks about how more people are becoming a part of Wild Warriors's obstacle course racing and taking it to the next level.

Fitness is the core requirement in obstacle course racing, says Wild Warrior enthusiast Rajashekhar Pachai

Rajashekhar Pachai is the first civilian from Tamil Nadu to scale Mt. Everest


Deepa Ramasubramanian

Published: 7 Sep 2023 9:05 AM GMT

The National Championship of Wild Warrior OCR has been making waves in Tamil Nadu since 2022. This journey into the world of physical fitness and adventure became even more significant when one of its own, Rajashekar Pachai, nicknamed "Kutty," achieved an extraordinary feat. He became the first civilian from Tamil Nadu to conquer the mighty Mount Everest.

At just 27, Rajashekar Pachai etched his name into history as he stood atop Mount Everest on May 19th, 2023. The journey to the summit of Mount Everest was nothing short of arduous. Battling extreme cold with temperatures plummeting to -40 degrees Celsius, Rajashekar exposed himself to the harshest winters of the Himalayas during his training.

“Fitness is the core requirement in obstacle course racing. It focuses more on physical fitness in agility, mobility, weight, and cardio is very important in the Wild Warrior OCR,” added Rajashekhar Pachai.

The bone-chilling conditions made even sleeping in a tent a monumental task, but Rajashekar's determination and fearless work ethic fueled his resolve. Rajashekar Pachai's passion for physically demanding sports was evident as he was a four-time national champion in warrior obstacle races. However, the transition to mountain climbing presented a unique set of challenges.

Rajashekar commenced his training in October 2022, scaling peaks that were 5,000 meters tall. With each passing month, he pushed his limits, gradually ascending to higher altitudes. The training was grueling, with altitude sickness, extreme weather conditions, and heavy equipment, such as 5kg shoes, making each step an immense effort.

Rajashekar Pachai's journey from Wild Warrior OCR to Mount Everest serves as an inspiration to many. The Wild Warrior OCR movement, known for its emphasis on agility, mobility, weight management, and cardio fitness, has gained popularity due to its non-commercial nature. It has spurred a newfound awareness of the importance of physical fitness in daily life.

The Wild Warrior OCR 2023 event, which took place on August 27th, 2023, in Kelambakkam, featured the Wild Warrior Carnival with live music, food stalls, performances, DJ sets, and fun fitness workshops. The OCR National Championship offered categories for men, women, and kids. Fitness enthusiast Rishav Karki emerged as a winner in the men's category by surpassing the defending champion and army man Sunil Phogat to the finish line. Athlete-turned professional wrestler Sanjana George emerged as the winner in the women's category.

Despite being sidelined from the Wild Warrior OCR 2023 due to a shoulder ligament tear, Rajashekar Pachai remained an active part of the event, contributing to the thriving community that has fueled the rapid rise of obstacle course racing in India. With his indomitable spirit and determination, he is poised for a remarkable comeback in the Wild Warrior OCR next year, further solidifying his legacy as a true warrior of adventure and fitness.

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