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Avoid breaking your New Year's resolution with these three tips

Avoid breaking your New Years resolution with these three tips

Suraj Iyer

Published: 1 Jan 2021 11:59 AM GMT

The occasion of every New Year is often attributed to a resolution. These resolutions range from forming better habits for everyday life, or something as simple as a goal, be it personal or professional. However, is it ideal to center an entire year around the idea of forming a new habit and going all in?

New Year can be considered as a good starting point for a mental reset or simply adopting better lifestyle choices. However, incorporating new habits may seem like a daunting challenge, especially if no prior research has been done. Many people who choose to stick with their new year habits go through many phases before completely accepting it as part of their lifestyle.

Start small

One of the most common myths known to many is that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit. However, Forbes debunked this to be another myth, a misinterpretation of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s work on self image.

Instead of aiming to put in the best efforts to incorporate a habit for 21 days and assuming it will be autopilot later on, it is essential to start small. Fitness is a popular New Year resolution and gyms take advantage of this opportunity where membership prices drop down and encourage sales. However, many end up not using them.

Instead of getting a yearly gym membership, one can try out some trial sessions for free and see how they would adapt or feel about it. Fitness is not restricted to gyms with the availability of cycling, running, Zumba, and many other forms available today. One can start small by signing up for any of these classes, or even do home workouts for 10 minutes a day to stick to a habit.


However, not all habits may be similar to adopting a fitter lifestyle. People who wish to break free of an addiction or other harmful behaviours often undergo a very stressful, personal battle. This can be combated by starting small and setting realistic goals in the beginning. Consistency is developed through these small changes for a certain period of time where one can be confident of their ability to progress further. Going cold turkey may not be the best approach for all, thus it is important to start small and grow.

Accept failure

There has been no person on Earth who has not undergone failure. Many are conditioned to believe that failure is the end; however, failure can be an important motivating factor. Not exercising or having a cheat meal, are common occurrences that can teach one a valuable lesson and it is important to learn and move on. Failure is dangerous when one believes that they have completely failed and no longer wish to continue. Many post their success stories on social media, but behind every success story is an important lesson learnt that stemmed from failure.

Yes, it is definitely possible to stick to a New Year resolution. However, it is important to have a vision and goal in mind, with realistic expectations and the will to keep pushing. Though it may be hard work initially, it all pays off.

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