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Sania Mirza pens letter on motherhood, inspired by Serena Williams

Sania Mirza pens letter on motherhood, inspired by Serena Williams

Abhijit Nair

Published: 25 Nov 2020 8:09 AM GMT

One of the greatest Indian tennis players of all time, Sania Mirza, today wrote a letter on motherhood after being inspired by the legendary Serena Williams. In the letter titled, “An Ode to All Mothers”, the former doubles world number one talks about her struggles during the pregnancy and her comeback after the birth of her child, Izhaan.

Crediting Serena Williams for inspiring her to write this letter, Mirza wrote, “Today I write this letter sharing my journey and also a little bit about the inspiration I got from Serena Williams and her journey. I want to dedicate my words to all the wonderful and strong mothers who have dared to dream and each day have strived to maintain a balance

between motherhood and their professions.”

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Through the letter Mirza asserted that it surprises the world if women whom they stereotype as homemakers succeed in life with sheer grit and determination. She added that the situation gets even worse when one gets pregnant but was quick to point out that the scenario is changing after having made a comeback herself.

“Things get even more precarious when one conceives and the first thing that clouds the judgment is whether I will be able to make a comeback or not? Though the scenario has changed a lot in recent years and there are several mothers who are competing at the highest level in tennis. I can say so confidently having made a comeback after

pregnancy myself,” the letter read.

Mirza wrote that she was hugely inspired by the documentary on Serena Williams titled,‘Being Serena’.

“Having seen Serena, playing in the same era and being around her and watching her gripping documentary “Being Serena” was like watching her in reality,” wrote Mirza. She further penned that pregnancy completes changes one as a human being and she would recommend women to go through the experience once.

“It absolutely changes you as a human being. It’s an extraordinary thing. It’s an experience I recommend women should go through because it really teaches you to respect yourself and your body but also teaches you the selfless kind of love that at least I never knew existed for me,” Mirza conveyed through the letter.

She wrote that she had gained around 23kgs during the pregnancy and lost 26kgs with her workouts before her comeback win in Hobart.

“Finally, when I won at Hobart after coming back it was pretty amazing. I was honestly very proud of myself to have been able to put myself to compete at the highest level again.”

She ended the letter yet again thanking Serena for motivating not only her but many others on and off the court.

“Serena’s efforts to be a perfectionist on the court and off it as well, motivate us all. She has taught the world that you can have it all if you work hard and don’t give up on your dreams.”

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