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Back on Track - An overall health perspective

Back on Track - An overall health perspective

Suraj Iyer

Published: 6 July 2020 6:15 AM GMT

Back on Track is a series that focuses on physical activity resumption post lockdown and how one must take care while beginning their fitness journey again.

With exercise and nutrition out of the way, there are several aspects that come into play when it comes to fitness and well being. The post lockdown phase is very likely to see an influx in gym memberships, yoga classes and people becoming part of health clubs. However a lot of things will be different once the lockdown ends.

Mental health is an extremely important aspect that has been tested during this lockdown and will play an important part in one’s overall health when everything returns to normal. A sudden transition from ‘Work from Home’ culture to regular commute and traffic will initially lead to a lot of stress which can cause burnout and depression. Fast food consumption will rise again due to easy access and this will result in sickness for a lot of people as the immune system has adapted to eating home cooked fresh meals.

Circadian rhythms will see another shift as people might sleep a couple hours before or after their usual bedtime during lockdown. No matter a person’s fitness level, 7-9 hours of sleep is a must for every single individual. For those into fitness, muscles aren’t built during a workout but with the right nutrition and repair that occurs during sleep. People working 9-5 jobs or leading a sedentary lifestyle also need the recommended amount of sleep to allow them fight stress and improve their productivity in work.

Supplementations in diet will also see a huge rise. The lockdown was a good sign for some pharmaceutical companies who took advantage to advertise their multivitamin tablets as “immunity boosters”. Supplements are not necessary for anyone to have a good immune system as a balanced diet is all that is needed to solve this. Caffeine sales will also increase for those who wish to burn the midnight oil in productivity or studying. Whey protein and Creatine supplements will also see an increase among lifters who want to make faster progress, aided by muscle memory.

A positive aspect of the lockdown is that health will be taken more seriously by many people across the country in all three forms; physical, mental and spiritual health. The pandemic instilled a fear of health in everyone and saw an increase in personal interaction and spending time with loved ones. In order to continue doing so, people will strive for good health and develop healthy habits in doing so.

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