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Back on Track - Nutrition

Back on Track - Nutrition

Suraj Iyer

Published: 2 July 2020 5:35 AM GMT

Exercise is great for physical health but it is not the only factor that is involved when it comes to fitness and mental health. Lockdown has resulted in people eating home-cooked meals that are good for health, but due to work from home and rise in binge-watching during this period, it has resulted in weight changes for many people.

The real and only way to lose weight is a caloric deficit where you reduce the number of calories consumed. In a nutshell, ‘Eat less and move more’. However, most people give up on restricting calories as they reduce too much too fast which results in cravings and eventually breaking down and eating more than necessary, which leads into a dangerous spiral of eating disorders.

Any average gym-going individual can vouch for progression and this principle applies in many aspects of life that most don’t even recognize. In order to make a habit and stick to it, one must start small. Don’t reduce entire meals to mere morsels or skip breakfast or lunch. Instead, reduce the quantity by a little every time you eat. Though initially difficult, the body is great at adapting and this will soon aid in weight loss. Combined with an aerobic exercise for 20-60 minutes per day or a well-structured endurance program, this will result in the perfect weight loss.

For the fairly lesser-known minority that wishes to increase weight, eating in a calorie surplus (eating more than the needed amount) is one of the two key components. Just like eating less isn’t the only factor in weight loss, caloric surplus combined with a good resistance training program involving free weights or some form of progressive overload will help build muscle and increase weight. A surplus need not mean eat everything to increase weight as junk food provides absolutely zero nutritional value. It should be done slowly and dieticians and personal trainers can help build programs that will help achieve these goals.

These are some of the tips in nutrition that might help during the post lockdown phase when fitness can start becoming part of people’s everyday lives. Though many nutrients like carbohydrates and sugars get a bad reputation, natural sources of all nutrients are healthy and necessary for the body as long as they are balanced. One must eat for good health and well being. Taste is an important factor. A diet is not structured in the right manner when a person feels like they have to put in efforts to eat something which is when seeking professional help is ideal.

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