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Back on track - Gym and lifting weights

Back on track - Gym and lifting weights

Suraj Iyer

Published: 29 Jun 2020 11:46 AM GMT

Back on Track is a series that focuses on physical activity resumption post lockdown and how one must take care while beginning their fitness journey again.

Gyms are still shut in most of India with some operating with very restricted guidelines in places like Sikkim. Many people are eager to go back to the gym and begin a second transformation on their fitness journey, whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, increasing muscle or setting new personal records. However there are some factors that one must take into account when gyms reopen.

#1. Don’t ego lift

Ego lift is when one tries to lift weight out of their capacity just to impress or showcase their strength. Don’t be that one guy in the gym who yells while performing all exercises on maximum weight. Lockdown period has induced a ‘detrained phase’ in most lifters. Detrained athletes are those who are not as strong as before and need to build up to their previous strength by using a step by step approach, as the program they once did at their peak is not viable now. One should start by lifting small weights and eventually progress, same way that was done before. This is called progressive overload and is one of the core principles to lifting heavy weights. Detrained people are also more likely to build the strength back faster due to the phenomenon of muscle memory, hence patience and a well structured program can yield better and faster results.

#2. Cardio

Any person who has indulged in fitness for a significant amount of time can explain that cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight and improve heart health. According to various studies, endurance training is a surefire way to shed those extra kilograms which is one of the reasons why running is a cost effective way that is often the first choice of people who are trying to incorporate fitness as a lifestyle. Running or rowing at low intensity for longer period of time utilizes fats as a source of energy than carbohydrates. This will help get rid of the excess weight that could have been gained due to the work from home or binge watch that happened during lockdown.

#3. Nutrition and Supplements

Nutrition plays a key role in building muscle size and strength. Lifting weights causes tears and stress to muscle fibers that repair themselves to become stronger. Protein helps accelerate and aid in this recovery and also plays an important role as muscle fibers are mostly protein. Whey protein supplements aren’t necessary at the beginning unless it is a heavy lifting program after which one may need to carry on with work or other tasks. In this case, Creatine is also a good alternative as scientific research has shown that it greatly improves muscle recovery which will help one carry on with other tasks and lift on consecutive days.

Of course the most important tip is to listen to yourself. No amount of heavy lifting, cardio or the perfect diet will yield in results unless you respect your body and don’t compromise on factors like sleep, hygiene and mental well being. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are fitness goals accomplished overnight so patience is virtue.

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