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Esports | Top 5 most used agents in Valorant

Esports | Top 5 most used agents in Valorant

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 12 Aug 2020 7:05 AM GMT

Riot's newest entry into the genre of team based First Person Shooter called Valorant has taken the world by storm, with the game being a mix between CS:GO and Overwatch. The ‘Agents’ being specialized individuals with a set of skills and an ultimate that sets them apart from each other. This is a list of the top 5 agents in Riot’s new shooter Valorant:


Cypher - Valorant Cypher - Valorant

This Moroccan agent is a one man surveillance network that through his various abilities can dominate the maps. His ability SPY CAM allows him to set up a camera which allows him to see players in its field of vision and shoot a tracking dart revealing their locations and providing valuable information to his teammates. TRAPWIRE, his third ability allows him to set up a trapwire that when tags an enemy player will leave them dazed and reveal them on the map for everyone to see. These abilities when used in strategic locations can provide a lot of information for Cypher’s team, thus making Cypher a must have agent on the team.


Sage - Valorant Sage - Valorant

Sage, a Chinese healing operative is a close second on this list, mainly because of her ability to heal her teammates, create an ice wall that can block off enemies thus making them rethink their strategies and her ultimate that allows her to resurrect a teammate. All this put together makes her a very strong agent to have in every team comp whether it is casual or competitive. Sage is the best utility player in Valorant by a long shot and it would be interesting to see how she gets affected in future patches.


Raze - Valorant Raze - Valorant

This Brazilian agent packs quite a punch on the battlefield. Using abilities like BLAST PACK that is a sticky satchel that does enough damage to enemies making them rethink their entry. and it can also be used by Raze to propel her to hard to reach places, providing different angles while defending or attacking. Her cluster grenade is probably the strongest ability she has, which upon contact does damage and then splits into mini grenades doing more damage, making this almost impossible to evade if caught in its radius.


Jett - Valorant

This South Korean agent adds another dimension to the battlefield. Her ability to move around and taking fights at her will make her a strong agent to have in any team. Her movement is unparalleled through her abilities TAILWIND and UPDRAFT that allow her to travel the map at ease. Allowing Jett to reach places that no other agent can reach, putting her advantageous positions that allow her to turn the tide in her favor.


Phoenix - Valorant Phoenix - Valorant

This United Kingdom agent is a one man powerhouse. Phoenix can rush in and change the course of the fight through his abilities. His strongest abilities are CURVEBALL which essentially is a flashbang that blinds enemies. HOT HANDS is a molotov that damages enemies and heals Phoenix when he stands in it providing him an added advantage of staying in the fight longer. However his strongest ability is his ultimate RUN IT BACK. This allows him to create another version of himself, run into the fight, kill his enemies and if he dies Phoenix then teleports back to his original location with all the information he needs. This ability if used right could change the outcome of the batte.

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