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Esports | The best guns players must use in CS:GO

Esports | The best guns players must use in CS:GO

Kevin Kariappa

Published: 11 Aug 2020 12:13 PM GMT

Counter Strike as a video game has been around for a very very long time. Indian gamers have a unique love for the game having played all its iterations starting from CS:Source, CS:1.6 and now its latest iteration CS:GO which currently is the biggest First Person Shooter the world has ever seen. CS:GO has seen multiple weapons dominate its casual and competitive space. Here are the top 5 weapons that one must use to win matches:

AK 47

AK 47 AK 47

This T side weapon is a must have weapon for the T side. This assault weapon is probably the strong assault rifle in the game. It's highly popular and extremely efficient due its power, range and affordability. The AK 47 is the only assault rifle that can kill an helmeted enemy with a headshot, something that its CT counterparts cannot do. AK 47 has a high shot accuracy with low damage dropoff making it a very efficient long range weapon. However the AK 47 has a disadvantage with respect to its spray pattern making it inaccurate after multiple shots and its relatively high recoil. The best way to use this weapon is to tap fire due its high first shot accuracy.


M4A1-S M4A1-S

This CT exclusive weapon is a remake of the M4A1 from the previous Counter Strike games. The M4A1-S being equipped with silencer makes it an ideal weapon to have when trying to pick off unaware enemies who aren’t clearing their corners which is a must do in CS. M4A1-S has a big advantage due to its fact that it doesn’t show tracers, making it harder to track where the shots are coming from. Keeping the silencer on, makes the weapon quieter, less recoil and high accuracy, making the M4A1-S a suitable weapon for long range engagements.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

This powerful semi automatic pistol which is available for both teams. It is a highly popular sidearm that has high damage. The Desert Eagle is the only pistol that is capable of killing an enemy with a headshot regardless of armor and helmet. It is the only weapon in the pistol class with high penetration which means two body shots will also result in a kill. It’s relatively low price makes it a good pickup when teams want to save or during a full eco, making it a strong weapon to go to to turn the rounds in your favor.



This sniper rifle is considered a high risk high reward weapon due to its ability to do high amounts of damage. However the AWP has a slow firing rate, reload speed and decreases movement ability in use. The AWP is an extremely dangerous weapon in the right hands, however players need to be able to maneuver the weapon with extreme skill. The AWP one shots enemies if hit above the legs regardless of armor. The AWP has incredibly high accuracy when scoped in, however it loses accuracy when moving so rooting players using the AWP to the spot making them vulnerable. It’s downside is its price as it is one of the most expensive weapons in the game and with the lowest kill to money earned ratio.



This semi automatic pistol is the standard weapon on the CT side, making it the base weapon at the start of the game. The S stands for silencer which provides high accuracy and moderate amounts of recoil. The USP-S is an extreme agile weapon that can be used on the move effectively. This weapon has decent damage which is effective in pistol rounds and when teams are in full eco but is not effective in later gun rounds. Its effectiveness against unarmored enemies is high making this a great gun in the earlier rounds of the match.

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