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Commonwealth Games Federation enters into partnership with Global Esports Federation

Commonwealth Games Federation enters into partnership with Global Esports Federation


Published: 4 May 2020 11:40 AM GMT

The Commonwealth Games Federation on Monday entered into a partnership with Global Esports Federation to explore how it can align with its sports movement and its support of digital infrastructure in a world altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partnership will enable the CGF and GEF to work together on specific areas aligned to 'Transformation 2020 - the Commonwealth Sports Movement's Strategic Plan'. According to a statement jointly issued by the CGF and GEF, the partnership will initially focus on conducting an analysis of the status of Esports in the Commonwealth and its capacity to support and advance their vision and mission through the joint development of value-based Commonwealth Esports strategy.


Besides, the two bodies would work towards exploring and developing athlete-centred, sport focussed initiatives and campaigns that harness and elevate the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, integrity and innovation. They will also explore the development of sustainable Esports properties that could benefit the wider Commonwealth group through partnerships and promotional opportunities that connect and serve athletes, citizens and communities.

"In recent years, we have seen the dramatic rise of Esports in terms of popularity and participation, particularly the participation of young people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in Esports globally has continued to increase significantly which demonstrates an important characteristic of connecting people during a difficult period," CGF president Dame Louise Martin said.

"For sometime the CGF has been looking for a way to formally engage with Esports to explore how it can align with the Commonwealth Sports Movement and its support of the sustainable development of digital infrastructure, connectivity and commerce across the Commonwealth," she added.

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