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Cycling group in Chennai is helping people with relief amid Covid-19

The 'Relief Riders' have been working in and around the city of Chennai since 3rd May.

Relief Riders in Chennai (Source: Felix John/Facebook)

Relief Riders in Chennai (Source: Felix John/Facebook)


Abhijit Nair

Updated: 16 May 2021 1:04 PM GMT

The second wave of coronavirus has had a very bad impact on India. People have lost jobs, they are unable to access the necessary medical facilities and have lost their loved ones.

The overall situation in the country is pretty grim. During such times what keeps one going is a positive story, a story of people working tirelessly with whatever means they have to help each other survive.

One such story is about a group of cyclists from Chennai called 'Relief Riders'.

As reported by The New Indian Express, 'Relief Riders' have been working in and around the city of Chennai since 3rd May, helping the elderly and other vulnerable groups get the required essentials items.

An initiative started with the sole aim of helping people during the pandemic and to promote cycling in the city, it today has a total of 80 volunteers helping them to reach out to the needy.

"This is being done on a voluntary basis and we do not charge anything except the money to pay for groceries and essentials," said the Bicycle Mayor of Chennai Felix John to The New Indian Express.

Due to the unbearable heat in the city, the group delivers all the required essentials only before 11am or after 4pm. The Relief Riders are also currently working to launch a mobile application which would people reach out to them easily.

But, what is to be noted is that this is not the first time that the Relief Riders are out on the road for a humanitarian work. They were active on-ground during the lockdown last year in the city of Bengaluru.

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