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WATCH: Dhoni X Dhoni — Is Gulf Oil video the best ad featuring an Indian cricketer?

Gulf Oil India's new ad presents a version of Dhoni from 2021 and another Dhoni from 2005. But is it better than the one produced by Pepsi? Share your opinion.


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 23 April 2021 6:10 AM GMT

Every one of us has wondered at some of in our lives what would we speak about if we ever meet our younger self. Even that we know it wouldn't be possible for us, "Mr. Achieve-em-all" has just made it possible. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in his new ad campaign, speaks to his younger self (of course not in reality).

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd launched its new campaign #GulfDhonixDhoni. The campaign features MS Dhoni in a conversation with his younger self from 2005, where both the Dhonis reminiscence the successful journey through accolades and pictures. The campaign has been conceptualized by the DDB Mudra Group. The ad released on Friday already became a viral success. The brilliance of the campaign is that it hots the right chords with elements that are loved by every Indian - cricket, Dhoni (two Dhonis to be precise), emotions and drama.
The 2021 version of Dhoni acted as host, while the 2005 self was the interviewee. The ad opens with Dhoni setting up the mic and starting to take the interview. The old Dhoni congratulates his young self for the innings of 183 not out against Sri Lanka in Jaipur.
After getting his mic set up nicely, the Dhoni of now congratulated his younger self on an amazing first year of international cricket, including that innings of 183 not out against Sri Lanka in Jaipur, which still remains the highest individual score by a wicketkeeper in ODIs. The younger Dhoni explains how he is slowly getting better with the experience and guidance of his seniors. The campaign has perfectly blended in the mannerisms of the young Dhoni and how different is it from Dhoni now.
The old Dhoni then goes on describing to the young one how experience helps a player to grow and how challenging life turns. The best part of the campaign is probably the portion where the young Dhoni asks his old self what is his favourite innings. When the old Dhonis replies that it's the World Cup final, a young Dhoni looks with bright eyes and in surprise as if he couldn't believe that he would win a World Cup for India.
While they talk about their two passions – cricket & Biking, the younger Dhoni is surprised to find his old bike in the garage that still functions as well as other bikes from the collection. The campaign aesthetically blends the similarities between the consistent performance of Gulf Oil's brand ambassador, Dhoni on the cricket field, and its product Gulf Pride engine oil which delivers Insta pick-up over many years and kilometres.
The campaign has been strategically released on the 10th anniversary of India's 2011 World Cup Victory, one of the greatest sporting moments for Indian and Dhoni cricket fans.
Soon after its release, the ad went viral and Twitteratis went on praising the ads on their timelines.

Is this the best ad ever by an Indian cricketer?

The Gulf Oil Lubricants campaign featuring M.S. Dhoni has certainly struck all the right chords and makes us emotional about the man who has achieved so much for Indian cricket. Every Indian cricket lover was probably shocked when Captain Cool announced his sudden retirement from all forms of international cricket. However, we keep on waiting to see his magic again and again when he dons the yellow jersey to play for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. We Indians love our daily dose of emotional content and this campaign surely pierces the inner part of our heart. Hence we can say it is one of the best ads ever made by an Indian cricketer.
However, we cannot overlook the series of ads made for aerated drink giants Pepsi during the late 90s or early 2000s, which still holds a special place in our hearts. Remember when Shahrukh Khan disguised as Sachin Tendulkar ended up opening a cricket match on his quest to find a can of Pepsi? Or when Sourav Ganguly and his Dada Army dealt with an African lion to grab Pepsi. It's time to remember them once again.

Do let us know which advertisement you consider your favourite featuring an Indian cricketer. Drop us a comment or email us at [email protected].

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